The most Destructive hurricanes in history

Hurricanes are incredibly deadly, and the east coast is still affected by this.  It definitely has been hit hard. If you’ve ever been curious about the most destructive hurricanes in US history, hee is a little more information.

First, we have hurricane Katrina which hit in August of 2005 and it is one of the most recognized storms in history. It hit Florida as a category 5 storm, and Louisiana as a category 3. it claimed over 1200 lives.

Hurricane Wilma was another very destructive one that happened n the same year, but it hit Mexico, Florida, and Cuba this time. This one cost about $21 billion in damages, even though it had the lowest central pressure of any hurricane out there.

Even though 2011 wasn’t as costly as others on the list, hurricane Irene was very widespread in damage. It was a category 1, and it went all the way to New York City and New Jersey, causing a bunch of flooding and billions in damages.

Then there was hurricane sandy in 2012, which was one of the most destructive in terms of property damage, and it was the second-costliest and destructive hurricane in the US. Again, this was another category 1 hurricane, but it actually hit all the way into new york city once again, leading to debris, and many floods that impacted public transport within the city. Sandy also destroyed tons of houses as well.

There was also Hurricane Harvey, which hit both Texas and Louisiana, and it started off at first as a giant category 4 storm. After that though, it actually became another tropical storm, and it stuck around for days after that, which caused disastrous flooding in many cities, including Houston and Louisiana, and it cost a bunch of property damage. Currently, ti’s the costliest storm in US history, and it certainly is something to not scoff at.

You should always be prepared. Even when hurricane season is about to finish up, sometimes mother nature wants to do other things. These unexpected disasters sometimes happen within a matter of days.  This is definitely something you need to be careful about, and because it is impossible to tell when, where, and how badly a disaster will strike, it’s imperative to prepare and make sure that you have the right protection in place that you can.  Property damage is catastrophic of course, but property can be replaced, and lives can’t. This is something you need to remember, and you should always be aware of the best ways to plan for your own personal survival, so you’ll be able to stay safe and sound.  The right preparation will help in these trying times, and it can ultimately help you immensely. You should definitely have your evacuation plans and survival kits in place before anything else, since lives can’t be replaced, and it is incredibly dangerous to be out or even in these types of storms, so you should always be careful, and be vigilant as well.