A personal injury lawyer is a public litigator who offers official assistance to the plaintiff who is alleging any type of injury as an outcome of the negligence of another person.  He is usually specializing in tort law or rule which is concerned with private or civil wrongs and injuries. The key role of a personal injury lawyer is to represent the plaintiff and to make sure that the plaintiff gets whole deserving liability of his loss. He makes sure that the plaintiff gets all his expenses without any stress and delays and tries his best to deliver the best possible results. Moreover, the personal injury lawyers usually get paid on a contingency fee basis which means he would not charge his fee until you get paid your compensation charges from against party.  So, let’s have a look at the role of a personal injury lawyer during a case.

Professional Investigation

The first and foremost task which your injury lawyer would do is to get all the relevant information on your case. This information includes all the necessary details of your injury, damage to your property, and to what extent your claim is applicable. Furthermore, the other things which will be given importance during the professional investigation include medical expenses, medical history, police reports, witness statement, and government reports. The personal injury lawyer will investigate everything mentioned and he may also ask you different questions related to your case.

The next procedure which your lawyer will be doing is to make an initial demand from the insurance company. For instance, in case of a car accident, the initial demand would be making from the defendants’ car insurance company. When the initial demand results in a settlement offer, your personal injury lawyer will review it and decide how to respond. This review will be consists of all the requirements of demand including future expenses of your injury etc. He will make sure that the initial settlement offer is worth according to your demand and will not cause any future inconvenience. On the other hand, if the initial offer doesn’t result in a settlement offer, then your lawyer will prepare the lawsuit for court.

Litigation Process

The litigation process in a personal injury case starts with the filing of the complaint. The filed complaint is the first legal document that will be consisting of your legal arguments, the supporting evidence, and your demand for relief. Once the complaint is filed, in the next step this complaint is served to the person who is being guilty of the accident. The defendant of the case has the right to file a response to the served complaint. Usually, he is given one or more months to file his response.

In the litigation process, the discovery process starts after the defendant files his response to the served complaint. Both parties exchange information, documents, and dispositions at the discovery stage. This process may also take months to complete. After the discovery phase, the trial starts. One important point to keep in mind is that most of the personal injury cases end on settlement even before the discovery phase. There is very little chance in these types of cases to reach the trial phase. In all of this process, your personal injury lawyer would try his to serve possible results and will also keep you updated with all the proceeding of your case.

Important Points about Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are some very important points to keep in mind when you hire an attorney for your injury case. These points are as follows

Trust the abilities of your personal injury lawyer

You should always keep in mind that your personal injury lawyer has also other cases to deal with, dispositions to prepare, and clients to deal with. So, don’t think negatively when he is unable to receive your call on time. It is the lawyers’ responsibility to keep you updated but you should keep trust in his abilities. According to law, the personal injury lawyer is bound to keep you updated so he cannot make any decisions about negotiation or settlement offers.

Don’t discuss your case with anyone else except your personal injury lawyer

This is very important to keep all details to yourself and your personal injury lawyer. You should not discuss your case with anyone who is not familiar with you. If you receive any calls related to negotiation or settlement, you should better refer them to your lawyer to deal with them. Moreover, you should not sign any documents related to your case without getting notice from your lawyer. Also, don’t change your doctor frequently.

Always keep your injury lawyer updated

It’s better to always keep in touch with your lawyer while taking any step related to your case. You should always keep him updated about everything which is happening in your case. For instance, if someone approaches you from the defendants’ side for any type of negotiation, then you must tell your attorney about this happening.  Moreover, if there are additional bills or medical expenses, keep updated your personal injury attorney about them. You can also share copies of important relevant documents of your case with your injury lawyer.

Keep your attorney updated about your financial condition if there is an issue because of injury

This is an important point to keep in mind that if you are facing any financial issue because of the injury, then you should tell your attorney about your problem. It will save both of you from any future confusion or inconvenience regarding payments or bills

After obtaining compensation recovery

Whether you obtain the compensation recovery of your loss or you win the trial, it is the responsibility of your lawyer to manage all the documents and receive money from the defendants’ side. Your personal injury lawyer will make all the arrangements either its settlement or the case is going towards the imposition phase. In case, your go for settlement, you will sign the agreement that you are ending your lawsuit against the defendant in return for the compensation recovery of your loss. During all of this process, your attorney will be arranging everything related to your case.