COVID-19 Prevention Tips

In today’s climate, COVID-19 has taken many lives and changed the lives of millions of others by spreading throughout the world. This virus is not something to be taken lightly and prevention measures should always be used. With that said, it can be difficult to understand exactly what the best coronavirus prevention measures are and how you can take the appropriate steps to be safe when you leave your home.

Using information that has been gathered from this coronavirus and other coronaviruses, officials have created tips that you can follow to help prevent yourself from catching the virus when you have to go outside. These seven tips should be followed at all times when you’re not in your home and until the global pandemic has ended.

Wear a mask
Wearing a mask has been a public discussion throughout the entire year since the pandemic started. Some individuals go to great lengths to avoid wearing a mask but it’s really the best way to prevent yourself and others from catching the virus. By wearing a mask, you can be assured that if you have the virus, you’re not spreading it to anyone else around you including loves ones and friends.

Additionally, scientists and researchers have found that wearing a mask can also protect you from catching the virus by acting as a shield. Some people suggest wearing two masks or a mask with a filter. No matter how you cut it, wearing a mask is one of the best ways to protect both yourself and others from catching the virus and getting sick.

Paper masks are preferred, but cloth masks were as well. Even if you only have a bandana to tie around your face, it’s better than nothing at all. Wearing a mask isn’t only the first step, it’s also the most important one.

Don’t touch your face
In addition to wearing a mask, it’s also important not to touch your face as much as possible. It can be difficult to avoid touching your face especially if you’re used to it, but if you don’t touch your face then harmful germs and viruses will have a much harder chance of getting into your body.

If you can avoid touching your face when you have your mask on until you get a chance to wash your hands then you can help prevent yourself from catching the virus and possibly getting sick.

Use hand sanitizer
Disinfecting your hands and surfaces that you constantly touch by using hand sanitizer is a great way to kill the virus if you happen to come in contact with it. Keeping a personal bottle of hand sanitizer with you is always a great idea during a pandemic with a virus like this.

Make sure to use your hand sanitizer while you’re out of the house and then wash your hands with soap and water when you get a chance to. Doing this will keep your hands and body away from the virus if you happen to come in contact with it.

No more handshakes
Instead of doing handshakes with people you meet, try elbow bumps instead. You won’t have to worry about washing your hands if you use your elbow to greet friends and family. You should also avoid hugging if you can.

Social distancing
Distancing yourself from other people is a great way to practice virus prevention. You won’t be able to get sick if you can stay at least six feet away from everyone you come in contact with. Doing this with the combination of wearing a mask is a great way to keep the virus away from you and out of your body. Social distancing should be practiced at any time you are outside of your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re outside, if people approach you that aren’t from your household then you should distance yourself from them.

Avoid gatherings
Gatherings are a great place to spread the virus. This includes bars, parties and anything else that brings people together. You should try your best to avoid these types of gatherings at all costs because it’s easy to spread germs and viruses when you’re packed in with a lot of other people. Gatherings with more than 10 people should be avoided.

Don’t eat in restaurants
Getting food to-go and avoiding eating in restaurants is a great way to prevent yourself from getting the virus. You won’t have to sit around with other people to eat your food and so you can avoid time without your mask on while around a chance of exposure.

Many restaurants are offering to-go or curbside meals. It’s best to pick it up and take it home to eat if you want to be safe from COVID-19.