The Most Common Mistakes that Ruin Worker’s Comp Claims

Injuries while performing on the job do happen a lot. most aren’t ready for that though, which makes sense. But it does lead to mistakes. When someone has a job injury, they need to know what and what not to do. This can affect the settlement and the benefits that you get. Here are the most common mistakes workers make that will affect their worker’s comp claims. 

Not Reporting Fast Enough 

The most common one is not reporting it fast enough.  You have about thirty days to let an employer know usually. Some places have a little more, but 30 days is on the safe side. 

If there is an event that causes a disease, then you have 90 days to disclose this. While there are exceptions, doing this faster will get the injury claim processed faster. 

If you think it’ll get you fired, or you may feel better, it’s important to understand that if you wait, it can make this much worse. 

Not Talking About Previous Injuries 

The second problem is not disclosing injuries which happened previous. Even if it’s minor and you don’t report this, it can actually affect the compensation that you get. 

If you don’t’ report, this is considered fraud, and they may force you to have to repay the worker’s comp finances that are there. 

When it comes to the medical history forms, you’re better off being transparent. The obligation happens when you’re disclosing the information that’s regarding the condition that doesn’t have anything to do with the injury previously. 

The insurance company will use this if they discover it, calling it a pre-existing condition rather than the result of the injury. 

Be transparent, let them know, and get the compensation you deserve! 

Not Disclosing All Injuries 

Another big mistake, is not reporting everything to the doctor. If you hurt your back after a fall, but also injured your hand, disclose all of it. 

Failing to report them until after can make it seem like you’re trying to get more than what’s entitled to you, lessening the amount. 

It’s also important to report any symptoms and illnesses after an incident, such as losing the motor functions, flu symptoms, stomach problems, and the like. 

Make sure that you do report everything, and definitely make sure that you do so immediately. 

Not Going to Work when They’re Able To 

This is when you don’t go back to work when physically able to do so. This can cause you to lose your job, since it’s considered voluntary income loss, and 8 you may lose any further compensation. 

If it is beyond the restrictions of your job, you should definitely still go.  You are entitled to the benefits of wage loss from insurance, so do go back. 

No Representation 

Finally, the fifth biggest mistake is not having representation. Representing yourself in the court of law isn’t recommended. 

The insurance company will work with them. Despite how easy it may seem to represent yourself, they’re not your friends, and they will limit the compensation, or even deny the claim to keep the money in pockets. 

When you work with the law, you need to make sure that you’re properly represented, since they have the experience along with the knowledge to help you. 

Even if it seems clear-cut that you’re going to win, the insurance companies will be ready to work against you and find these loopholes, so make sure that you have the proper representation in order to ensure that the legal loopholes are closed as needed for your own personal benefit.

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