How to check the status of Worker’s Comp Claims

If you’ve been hurt while on the job, you may be entitled to worker’s comp. you can get the benefits if you’re working somewhere with more than 4 full-time people. Within construction for example or other jobs, this is mandatory, and while some other industries may have different protocol, you need to work with the worker’s comp laws. 

This claim can help you with medical expenses and also give you compensation for lost wages. It also may help you stay secure if you’re seriously hurt. If you do have this, you need to comply with all of the policies to get the full gamut of benefits, and once filed, you must check the status. You can contact a personal injury attorney to fully help with this. 

How to File 

You need to make sure that you file a claim right away. If you wait, you may get fired, and from there, you won’t get the full benefits. If you’re intimidated or fired, you also may not get the full benefits ,and if you’re still having trouble, get a good attorney on this immediately. 

How do you establish it? Do the following: 

  • First, report the incident within 30 days by making reports to the supervisor or human resources. Waiting too long does affect your claim, and there is chance to deny after 30 or so days. 
  • Next, go to the doctor. The doctor will help you get an exact medical diagnosis, however you will need to go to an authorized doctor that the employers have depending on the type they offer, and if you do go to one not authorized, you may have to pay out of pocket. 
  • Next, you will want to file the claim. You’re the best advocate for this, and while you might be anxious about it, doing the claim now will move it forward. You need to report this to both your attorney, and the insurance provider. If you don’t hear from the adjuster or your employer, try to reach out and contact them. 
  • Finally, get an attorney. It’s good to talk to one since they can negotiate the right settlement. A good attorney will help you understand your rights. Of course, once you hire one, the insurance company will then call your attorney rather than you.

It is important to note that while the insurance company may believe what you say, it’s beneficial to make sure that you don’t talk to anyone about it. Don’t make up anything, and most of all, don’t post on social media about it, but also make sure you get the right coverage for your issues. 

How to Check the Claim 

You’ll want to start work as soon as you can, but there are some steps that you must take. Don’t push it, but you should definitely check the status as well. 

Don’t go to the employer for starters since they don’t process the claims. You know who does? Insurance. 

But the best way to handle this is to go through an attorney who will do everything to ensure that you get the most out of your payment. 

The best way to go about checking something like this is to contact them, ask them, and then they can check the claims status. That way, if the insurance company is being pokey or maybe you’re not getting enough, or if there is a chance for denial of said claim, you can always go and have the attorney handle it, rather than of course, you doing it yourself, since it can impact it.

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