Product Liability Lawsuits over Zantac Causing Cancer

Zantac is used to decrease acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. However, the problem is the side effects of such, which includes the development of cancer symptoms. 

If you or someone that you know has developed this, then they should contact a product liability lawyer right away.

The risks involved are too big to ignore, especially since this is now a national issue, and of course corporate negligence.  Sanofi has failed to let people know of the unacceptable amounts of carcinogens in this. 

You’re not Alone 

After a diagnosis, you should definitely let others know that you’re not the only one that’s dealt with this.

There are plenty of people who have dealt with the same complications after taking this, also called ranitidine.  The key is to find someone who will support you and offer legal counsel 

However, this can take a bit of time and the legal experience necessary for this can be sizable. However, a Zantac Cancer Lawyer or firm can help you get the evidence necessary for filing the claims. 

Usually, if there is negligence that causes a lot of harm to patients, then they’re held accountable. In fact, this is becoming so prevalent that the lawsuits are being filed all across the country. 

The Lawsuit Status 

Right now, this is considered a multi-district litigation lawsuit, and right now it’s currently pending before the Federal Court in most states. This means that right now, they’re trying to consolidate every single lawsuit that involves Zantac causing cancer before the courts so that it can be deliberated on, and the persons may be entitled to financial compensation. 

Insured patients and attorneys are filing these all throughout the states, with about several hundred claims of people being diagnosed with cancer due to Zantac. The litigation however is still in its early stages, since the hearings are currently forthcoming. Right now, they’re still doing the hearings to figure out the full correlation between the usage of such, and the prevalence of cancer. 

Right now, they’re also looking at the science, with actual scientific studies and evidence that are peer-reviewed, along with testimonies by experts, to determine whether or not there is a correlation between the cancer and the use of this product, and of course if there is a specific cancer that has a causal relationship with this product. 

However, there was recent news on this, as of July 1, 2021, that says that Judge Rosenburg, the person on this case, ended up dismissing a large part of the litigation that this drug causes cancer. 

That may make you wonder if you have a claim or not. The answer, is you still do. 

Right now, the plaintiff lawyers are also purporting the idea that a large number of these claims will move forward. They were however, dismissed under the RICO along with the medical monitoring claims that looked for reimbursement for the diagnostic testing. 

The reason being was on the idea that consumers didn’t get this directly from the manufactures, and that they weren’t done by normal medical monitoring, dismissing all of this completely. Right now, they did find that the claims didn’t belong at the class level. 

They also removed all of the distributors of this that did have claims filed against them, along with innovator liability, which means that the person isn’t held liable for the generic medication version of this. 

The negligence was found under higher temperatures. 

The best thing to do is if you do have a case, you consider becoming a part of the mass tort lawsuit that goes along with this.

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