Neck and Back Injuries After Car Accidents

A traumatic car accident may make you think of bleeding and broken bones, but not all injuries are apparent.

Think about head, neck and back injuries. They are pretty serious, but for the average person, they might not notice it. They also may not notice it until much later, way after the accident occurred. This also may cause skepticism amongst insurance adjusters, especially if they don’t see it disabling you, or impacting your life, so they’ll take you for granted. 

It can make simple tasks incredibly cumbersome and painful, oftentimes requiring assistance from friends and family. It can be difficult to even do basic tasks such as cooking meals and walking with friends. 

If you suffer from this, you should talk to an attorney who will get you the compensation that you need. Without a lawyer, the companies may deny you, and if you’re struggling with that, you may deal with a lifetime of medical debts, along with financial strains. 

The Average Settlements 

Typically, this varies, from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand.

Some of the questions that affect this can be involving the following: 

  • A permanent disability and if you suffer from it 
  • Does it result in long-term suffering and pain 
  • Has the injury prevented you from returning to your job or normal life

This is a big part of it, and you can get your questions answered so your life can be put back together. 

The goal of this is to get the compensation that you deserve. Lawyers have that obligation and want to do it.

The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible, since they make the most money from the lower claims that they get. So make sure that you do have the proof and the information necessary for proving that you’re injured. They may also look at the medical conditions that you have to limit the settlement. However, a lawyer wont’ do it, fighting for their clients with every single step. 

While every instance is different, there are a few noteworthy mentions. 

The first, is where the insurance company said that there were pre-existing neck and back issues which used the causation theory for this. However the personal injury attorney managed to secure a half a million settlement, when the initial offer was under 50K. 

In another incident, the highest offer was a couple hundred thousand, but the lawyer managed to also bring it up to 425K settlement, since the treatment did require surgery. 

And of course, there is the one that required a cervical fusion. This is because it left the person with a damaged disc. The person tried injection therapy and other more conservative treatments, but they didn’t work, eventually resulting in cervical fusion to fix the herniated disc. The case was settled one day before litigation began. The original offer was 130K, when the final offer was 415K. 

So as you can see, with a lot of different types of settlements, there are factors that go into this, but there is one specific thing that is common with all of them: without a lawyer, they would’ve only gotten a fraction of what they were entitled to. 

And as you can see from this, that makes it so much more important to get a lawyer that can help you get the most that you can.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or wreck, and you’d like to get compensation, then you should most definitely talk to a personal injury attorney right away, to get the help that you deserve, and the financial compensation that you must have. 

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