One of the worst detrimental effects of IUDs include puncturing the uterine wall, damaging organs in the cavity including the intestines and liver, along with ectopic pregnancy, mood swings, fatigue, depression, and painful cramps. 

Most women do eventually remove these to avoid further complications, and usually the symptoms happen when the device is removed after the duration.  However, the effects last for weeks, and it could even damage a person permanently. 

The Mirena Crash 

The discomfort and pain that follows when the device was removed from the body and after the hormone flows stops is known as The Mirena crash. This is done weeks or longer after the body tries to produce their own progesterone without the use of synthetic options. This does cause imbalance as well. 

After a period of time, it starts to diminish, but in some women, this happens for a much longer time, with the symptoms lasting for weeks, even months afterwards. Some even deal with this for an overextended period of time, even during the day at night, and some even say the symptoms are quite extreme. 

The symptoms include uncontrollable emotions, mood swings that cause strain on relationships, lethargy, muscle fatigue, sore throats, coughs, and even fevers, nausea, breast tenderness, and even a decreased sex drive or pain during sex. 

Filing the Lawsuit 

The Mirena crash is something that can be brought as a lawsuit, since it does fall under a product that was designed to harm. Companies that sell and make products have a duty of care to make high-quality products, and when they breach that, they’re liable for the damage that this causes. 

It falls under defective medical devices, and it’s caused damages that have injured many, depleted finances, and reduced their quality of life.

So if you do have a lawsuit, you are entitled to compensation after suffering the damages involved including lost wages, expenses, and anguish.  It’s not something to handle alone either and if you have personal injury attorney, you should definitely talk to them. 

What About Paragard 

Paragard is another kind of IUD that women choose because they last up to 10 years and don’t’ contain hormones. However, there are actually issues with this too. 

The device can break apart and in a lot of cases, it can break apart in the uterus and cause damage, which results in surgical removal. 

They also fil to warn people about the risks of this, and how it may break, which can cause issues including back pain, cramping, pain during sex, spotting, anemia, dryness, device expulsion, and vaginitis.  This also can cause server complications since the device doesn’t bent as it may be removed. A part of it might embed into the uterine wall, causing major damage to organs nearby. 

A lot of patients also do suffer health issues because of this, and it can cause damage. 

But there is another problem as well. The copper inside of it.  Usually the small amount shouldn’t poison, but there are some women who experience copper toxicity when they use this IUD. 

If you notice your skin is yellow tinted, you feel stiff, tend to vomit, have fluid buildup in the abdominal area, anxiety, and even psychosis, you might suffer from copper toxicity. 

Regardless, you should get help from a doctor or other professional right away, and if possible, document all of this so you can inform a personal injury attorney about this, and get the compensation that you deserve from this as well. 

Don’t sit there and let copper toxicity hurt you, or IUD pain, but instead get compensation for this as you can. 

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