There are statistics that say over 15 million rideshares happen each day, with about 50K being hired every single month to meet the demands of new transports.

Since it is growing in bigger cities, this does increase the risk of people getting hurt in rideshare accidents, and compensation may be a bit complex.

What should you do after you get into a rideshare accident? Well, let’s go over this, and what steps you should take. 

Get Medical Attention. 

The first thing is to get any medical assistance possible by calling 911 and getting help on the scene immediately.

Even fi there are no injuries, a medical exam after this is critical. That’s because brain injury, spinal injury, and other internal injuries may not show up for weeks on end. 

Make sure the doctor that’s treating you looks for any symptoms to watch out for and monitor them in the next coming months as well. 

Contact the Police

When you file claims, you will be suing a party at fault and the insurance carrier for compensation. You need to document any negligence that contributed to it.  

Police reports offer unbiased accounts of the accident, and may also offer evidence involving distracted driving, driving under the influence, not following traffic laws and different factors that attribute to this. A personal injury attorney will also use this to help substantiate the damage rights. 

Get info 

Record all that you can about the accident. Document the road hazards, the weather conditions present, the traffic, and any other details. If there are cameras, ask them for the footage, sine it’ll offer vital footage about the accident that led up to the wreck itself. If thee are witnesses, get their names and contact information for future contacts as well. 

Document the Evidence

Make sure that you document everything in the scene, both directly and in the surrounding areas. Take all of the photos that you need to, since they can be critical for showing the damage along with the injury. Take both close ups and panoramic photos that show the conditions of the road and other obstructions too.

Get the license plates too, the makers, and the models of the vehicles that are there.  you should be sensitive to everyone that’s involved in this, but make sure that you also do take the time to ensure that you also get any other important information. 

Get a Attorney 

These types of accidents are a bit more complex since they need investigations in order to determine the fault, and also a better understanding of the insurance regulations that are there, codes of the vehicle, and other personal injury additions. 

Add into that a mix of a rideshare driver as the party that’s negligent, and it can be very challenging. 

A lot of them usually have personal auto insurance through Uber or Lyft, or they may have other liability insurance to cover this. An Attorney who is qualified in personal injury will sort through this, and also will pursue if there are more damages. 

Typically, the insurance policies also do vary based on the state. Depending on whether or not the driver was picking up or transporting, or even just sitting to wait, there may be different rates that apply.

Regardless, you should make sure that you talk to someone who can help you with this, and get you the coverage that you need, since it is a different kind of service, and it can ultimately affect the way things are, and the overall results of this too, so get help as needed.

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