Boating is very popular and with summer still coming in strong many people do like to do this along rivers, lakes, even oceans. However, boating accidents do occur, and it’s important to do certain things after a boating accident happens. 

First, account for Everybody 

First, you need to make sure that nobody fell off the boat. If they did, you must search immediately, looking for who needs medical attention at once.

You should make sure everyone is safe and secure. 

If the boat does capsize, ensure that everybody has a life vest or other floatation items, using rafts as well to help people. 

Tell Emergency services 

You should also make sure that the emergency officials are also notified. 

Send out the distress signals, notify the coast guard, and also call 9-1-1 for them to come rescue you. Every owner of a boat should have written, detailed instructions for getting emergency assistance when a boating incident happens. 

Get Information 

Once you have the boat safe and secure, it’s time to get information for the accident. 

Some of the things you should do include: 

  • Getting pics of the boat 
  • Asking for the names and the contact info of all passengers there
  • Look at the ID and registration info of vessels involved
  • Make notes of what happened prior to the incident, what happened during, and what happened after.
  • Ask for the insurance companies and policy numbers for every vessel that’s involved here
  • Make notes to the agencies that responded to the accident, and also make sure that you get the info of anyone who gave passengers medical assistance 

Gathering information will help you later when an injury claim is to be filed. 

Get Medical Assistance 

Next get medical assistance for the injury that you have.

Even when not seriously injured, you should see a physician. There might be underlying injuries.

If the symptoms last for days or weeks afterwards, definitely see a doctor. If you delay the medical care, insurance companies do usually deny the claims. 

Avoid Discussions with the Claims Adjusters

They may ask for a written statement or something recorded. You’re not required to give a statement without counsel though, since they could twist this to support the other person, so make sure you find a lawyer before you talk to them. 

Document Damages 

Make sure you document everything that’s involved in this. Expenses, financial losses from the incidents, lost wages, expenses for travel, and any payments you used for others to take care of chores and the like should be monitored as well.

You should also keep a journal of the daily pain levels, how the injuries are impacting this, and the impact of this on the QoL as well. 

Call an Injury Attorney

Finally, contact a personal injury attorney. They offer free consultations usually for victims of accidents. 

An attorney will help you learn the legal rights that you have, any steps you need to take or avoid, and the options to compensate for this, especially when there is a boating incident as well. 

With a boating incident, you deserve to get compensated for the injuries that you have. they do happen, and as a result they can be a bit rough for some people. 

However, by contacting a personal injury attorney, you’ll be able to, with this, get the compensation that you deserve and also to get the help that you need after you go through a traumatic injury such as a boating accident and have injuries that do affect your ability to do daily chores and the like.

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