Determining Settlement for ACL Injuries

If you’ve dealt with ACL tears from a slip and fall, car accident, or other settlements, you may wonder how much you can get from this.

Well if you have a personal injury case involving this, it can be quite substantial. 

The gist of this is simple: if you’re not sure, you probably won’t get one specific dollar amount, but rather it’s dependent on a few factors that these cases go into, and here, we’ll discuss those key factors, along with what you’re possibly looking at for settlement. 

A Quick look at these settlements

Some of these ACL injuries can be quite substantial. One of them was a guy who got over 2.6 million in damages.  This was due to him slipping and falling, tearing the meniscus, and being unable to do his job, and of course, the surgeries and the knee replacement he also got. 

If it doesn’t require surgery, one person got about $55K from a slip and fall that tore is ACL. 

In the case of car accidents that required reconstructive surgeries, this was a $350K settlement, since the plaintiff did suffer injuries to the ACL back then, and if there wasn’t a car accident, it’s still quire a big settlement as well. 

Really, it all depends on past injuries, how much surgery you need, and what not. 

How the Value is Determined 

This typically is valued based on a guesstimate on what the person is being sued for, what they’re willing to get, and what they can agree to on each side. 

There are a lot of different factors to consider. 

However, the two most common are as follows: 

  • How bad the injury was 
  • How likely they’re going to find the defendant liable in the event that it goes to trial 

Estimation of Damages 

This is a guess of how much the plaintiff will get but usually this is dependent on how much the defendant will have to pay, whether it be the medical bills, wages lost, and the like. 

Usually, this is easier to estimate, especially if there are already possible injuries in the past that have a dollar amount. 

As for pain and suffering, this is all pretty up in the air, and it’s determined by other factors as well. 

Usually, every case is different in terms of pain and suffering, but if someone was active and now they have a disability because of this, that can cause a much larger pain and suffering settlement. If there was a previous injury that made him more susceptible, then chances are the damages may also go do too. 

The Likelihood that the defendant is Liable 

The other factor is how liable at trial this guy is. The plaintiff doesn’t have enough evidence, then expect the value to go down. 

There is also a high amount of damages. If they’re too high, the defendant won’t want to settle, and if the fault is more on the plaintiff than the defendant, then they’ll be more likely to accept lower settlements. 

With this as well, if it happens in the workplace, you may be eligible for a woman’s comp. if the plaintiff isn’t totally disabled by this and the medical bills aren’t that high, the payment may not be too high. But if it is higher, then they may get a higher settlement. 

If you tear your ACL and don’t’ know where to begin with this, then the next thing for you to do of course, is to start working on trying to get a personal injury attorney to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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