With injuries, they’re all not just one specific type. In fact, you have different types. 

Typically, injuries do have specific kinds of ways to recover damages depending on what you’re going for. 

The most common types of injuries that you can get include: 

  • Criminal injury 
  • Personal injury 
  • Work injuries

Personal injury is, of course, one of the most common, but that doesn’t mean that the others don’t happen either. 

What is Personal Injury 

Personal injury, or claims associated with such, are typically involving injuries to yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, or even socially, which is where the injuries hit you directly, causing you great suffering. 

The damages may be in the form of medical bills, therapy, or other long-term healthcare costs. 

Some of the most common include: 

  • Car accidents 
  • Slip and falls 
  • Construction accidents 
  • Product liability 
  • Medical malpractice 

Personal injury does involve the injured party to be fully compensated, with the goal to make the person who is injured right again as much as they can. 

Work Injury 

A work injury is like a personal injury, but it happens directly on the job in some way, shape or form. Maybe you got injured due to something that happened, or maybe the accident happened during the hours you were working on the property the company owns. 

In this case, usually, these are covered by what’s called workman’s compensation, where someone will compensate the person for the injuries. 

However, understand that not every chance you’re injured is considered this, and there are instances where the injury wasn’t’ covered, especially if the worker was doing something illegal on the property, or maybe during their job. So if they were trespassing and they got injured, that may not allow you to get workman’s comp. 

Criminal Injury 

This is usually when someone is injured during a crime, or they were injured as a result of a crime. 

Typically, these are civil cases and usually are filed against a person who either commits assault or battery against another person. 

Typically, the being that attacked is also charged with the same criminal charges. 

While they may ensure that the person who is attacked is imprisoned, the beauty of a civil case is usually to recover the damages that happened during the attack, along with the fees medically that are there too. 

Policeman during investigation at road accident area

For a lot of people, they may sue the person for the crime, but also the injuries, but if you do plan to go either of these ways, you are going to have to put out two separate lawsuits, one for the crime itself, and one for damages. 

The Beauty of an Attorney 

At this point, if you do have one of these types of cases, you will be able to recover the losses through the use of injury lawsuits. 

The thing with injury lawsuits, is they are very time-sensitive, so after they happen, you may feel the urge to hesitate. 

However, that isn’t the case. 

The best thing for you to do when you are injured is to contact a personal injury attorney with the right options so that the experienced attorney will help you with the claim that you have, and make sure that you’re compensated completely for the injuries that you are typically suffering from as well. 

An attorney will help with navigating the complex legal fields that are there especially [when it comes to the language and the depth of the different lawsuits. But if you want to be fully compensated, this is how you do it, since it can help a lot.

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