Fitness resistance bands use a rubber tube with a little handle that you can put on stationary objects. They give different kinds of resistance and are typically used to perform different exercises. 

Some of them though are associated with a number of different dangers. 

Some of the dangers do include: 

  • Slapping back and hitting the person 
  • Injuries that result from the product breaking 
  • The user falls when using this and then the band breaks when the user puts weight on this 
  • Accidents where the band pulls something and falls onto the user, oftentimes when it isn’t anchored

It also can cause sprains, strains, pain in the muscles, or other kinds of injuries. 

Who is Held Liable 

Depending on the circumstances that are involved, different people are held responsible. In some instances, the owner or the operator may be held responsible. This also maybe when they negligently install bands at stations, which causes harm. Another instance is where they fail to replace the bands when they need to be repaired, resulting in injuries. 

In other cases, the person who made the product is held responsible, especially in the instance of them being defective. If they use materials that are too cheap for the safety standards and then they break. The person may be held liable for damages because of this as well. 

Legal Damages for This 

The legal damages are typically determined based on the injury or impairment. Depending on the type of injury and your personal health, it could be pretty severe. 

The legal action in most cases is usually taken by the gym or company, where they compensate the person injured for the costs that are associated. 

In most cases especially these kinds of lawsuits, they usually offer monetary damages especially if there are medical bills, costs for the hospital, wages lost, along with pain and suffering along with the emotional pain that comes from the loss too. 

In some cases, if there are many people who have a fitness resistance band and there was a massive defect, then a class action suit may arise, and the product recall will be issued for this as well. 

In that case, you may join with others in order to take legal action against a company, in order to get compensation for this too. 

Do I need a Lawyer 

This is oftentimes the common question that people who seek out legal compensation for an injury may ask. 

And the answer is a typical yes. 

It is beneficial to hire a personal injury attorney that’s nearby, especially if you’re dealing with a big corporation for this lawsuit.

Typically if it’s a class action, you just have to join it, and you will be entitled to legal compensation, since many times they already have lawyers for this already.

But for individual lawsuits that involve you suing a company or a product company, it is in your best interests to get a personal injury lawyer. 

They can help you with filing the lawsuit, the process associated with this, and they can give you guidance throughout all of this too so that you’re able to get the help that you need during all of this, especially this kind of process. 

For many people, seeking out this kind of legal action is something that they may be hesitant against. But remember that a lot of times, you only have to pay when you win the case, so it may not be a problem until after the case, so if you want to make a case against a fitness band you sure can.

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