Can I Sue for Laser Burns from Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve gotten laser hair removal, you might notice that there are burns. 

While this may not be a viable type of claim, there are a few factors that go into it. When someone goes in to get laser hair removal, they use a laser that’ll damage your hair follicles to prevent them from going back. Typically, it does require multiple treatments.  

Some laser hair removal people use a pulsed laser, which creates a quicker removal. However, this also does come with the possibility that the person might have second degree burns. 

Injuries in Laser Hair Removal 

Some people do get burns on their body, in some cases second degree, maybe even third degree. 

Second degree burns do get past your top layer of skin, and it can hurt for up to 3 weeks.  They may also need skin grafting.

The one to worry about is third degree, since this can impact the bones, organs, your blood stream, and even nerve damage. Typically, this also comes with blood loss or infection. 

If you do have any sort of burn, it does create the risk of developing scars over each area. 

When to Seek Legal Action 

Typically, this can be taken against the facility or the technician. 

If they’re injured when getting treatment, they might seek a medical malpractice suit, but that isn’t the main action in these types of cases. 

These are considered “medical treatment” in some cases, and they’re not required to be performed by medical doctors. Technicians, cosmetologists, or other personnel do complete these. 

This is instead considered negligence, and it is filed under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. 

This is because the technician is supposed to make sure they follow certain duties, which they didn’t do in this case. In some cases, there might be a physician or even a licensing agency that oversees this. 

The agency that gave the technician their license may also be sued, since they’re supposed to assess and use the correct laser without hurting the patient. 

The Damages 

Typically, you can sue for damages including the treatment itself, costs to fix the treat net, any other expenses incurred including doctors and rehab services, and also emotional distress that comes from the scarring that’s there. 

Starting the Claim 

There are a few things that you should do if you do choose to pursue this.

First, you need to document every injury by having all of the records there. You may also want the diagnosis from the doctor saying what level of burns they are, taking pictures of the location of the injuries as the burns heal, and any scars as well. 

The big thing to understand with this kind of case is that it can take a long time, and in a lot of cases, the person who was hurt may want to document these findings in diaries or journals too, especially if there is a long period of time. In this case, if there is a problem, they can remember it, especially if the insurance company isn’t cooperating, and is instead trying to offer a settlement. 

With this, the physician that oversees this may be sued, or it may be the treatment center itself, or the technician. But with this kind of case, you never want to do this alone, since it can get messy and overwhelming. The best thing for you to do is to contact a personal injury attorney and to have them help you through this so that you can better understand what you need, and get the settlement that you know you definitely deserve.

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