Statute of limitations -Personal Injury Law

There is always some laws and time periods for every case which should be followed other wise your case would get weak or it is also possible even it won’t be filed. So what are the statute of limitations when somebody gets injured and want to sue or get his loss paid by defender? Here we will discuss answer of this important question.

In some special circumstances the standard time limit could be extended but after passed deadline of limitations filing you can not sue because the time limit within which you have to file the case has been expired you cannot file your case unless some special circumstances are involved.

A firm deadline is being set by the law(statute of limitations) that for filing a civil law suit in court what is the necessary time to be passed after you have been suffered from loss. Or you have loosen your law to sue.

Statute of limitations being set from each state (federal government) having different deadlines according to different cases. But one fact is always the same that you could not do any thing if the time limitations run out unless of sitting empty hand. If you met with certain type of circumstances than it is the only reason you would be benefited with some rules extended for you unless you can’t do any thing.   

Work done by the statute of limitations in personal injury:

 After an injury from an accident, the personal lawsuit has to file in three to four years in most states. Every state has its law and orders which have to be fulfilled by the people of that nation.

If you got injuries suffered from the crash and have major injury medically or you have a loss in assets or financially even mental loss or injury then let case filed within 3 to 4 years. Try to file the case before the limit ends and as soon as possible. For example, if you got into an accident on 1,1,2019 then you have to case the file within 3 years after getting an injury until 1,1,2022. Try to file the case as soon as you get to know about your injury or loss. Don’t get lazy in this condition because as time passes your case becomes weaker and after the limitations, you even can’t file your case.

If the time limitations for filing a personal injury case have been over which is about three years from the date you got injury then you can not file the case. But if you are lucky like in some cases  the stationary clock would be started late. Some other conditions or circumstances may apply than you can file a case .some of these are given :

What is the statute of limitations and Discovery rule: The discovery rule says that The stature of limitations will not let his clock start until the person who gets the injury knows. In the eyes of law, this would not be considered if the person getting injured doesn’t know that they got an injury. An example of asbestos is here in which even the patient doesn’t know he is suffering from this . He will spend his life would not file a case until he gets to know. It doesn’t matter in how much time but whenever he  (the plaintiff) gets to know about his injury while he gets exposed to the things containing asbestos. After the plaintiff gets to know about the injury then According to the discovery rule the law will consider the time limit according to state. The time limit for the plaintiff could be two years from getting knowledge about his injury or the time limit could be four years from the time plaintiff gets to know about the injury. Whatever it could be known later.

What if you get injured and you are minor:

Many injuries take place when the plaintiff is minor. So then what’s the law for minors. Obviously a minor plaintiff needs time to take any action against a defender. So if an accident of any sort happens to the plaintiff when he is minor then what clauses would apply in order to give him justice? The answer to this question is :

If plaintiff get injured or get to know about his injury in his young age and he is minor so he can  get statute of limitation’s “clock” start when he became 18 year old .so that if a minor gets injured or get to know about in the age of  14 he can start the clock at his Eighteenth birthday till when he blows his 20th birthday candle.

Deadlines that are specially applied to injuries and cases that are of certain type:

Injuries of certain types allow some deadlines to be applied on themself. Like medical, physical, or mental injury have certain types and different circumstances in which the lawsuit may differ. If it is a child abuse case then it can take up to 30 years after the child becomes 18 years old. In some cases, if the defaulter leaves the country for some reason the time period he was not in the state would be count. For this purpose, a personal injury attorney will be hired who will look up to the case.

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