The Best Natural Shelters You Should Know About

You never know where problems will find you. If you are in your home surviving is very easy because you have many tools at your disposal. However, if you are out there it may not be as easy. One of the most important things you need to find is shelter. Find somewhere you can rest, stay safe and even spend the night. But when you are out there this is easier said than done. If you have a tent with you all you need to do is find a safe place to put it up. The problem is that people do not always walk around with tents. You need to be keen and spot natural shelters that can offer a good place to stay at while out there. What are the options you have? Here are some of the best options.


You will find a cave in rocky areas both inland and on the shores. Caves provide the best shelters created by nature with an interior where you can set up a fire and enjoy some quiet time. You may use a cave to get away from bad weather or even spend the night. It will keep you safe from wild animals.

However, some animals live in these caves so be careful about the cave you choose to stay in.

Undercut Riverbanks

These provide perfect places to hide from rains. If you are lucky to find a spot with trees at the front of the undercut bank you will also be protected from strong winds as well. This kind of shelter has certain disadvantages with the leading one being safety.

Undercut banks may be unstable and rising water levels as it rains pose danger to people sheltering there.


These seemingly useless trees will prove their worth if you are ever caught up near one. They will provide you with firewood you need for fires. Deadfalls also make great shelters. They are very strong and may be used as walls of shelters. Some even have cavities underneath the roots that can create good shelters. Branches on the underside of the fallen trunk may be cut to make the place as comfortable as you may wish.

Rock Structures

Nature is beautiful and it is not hard to come across rocks that are arranged in formations that make good shelters. These structures may be enhanced using foliage or tarp. Such shelter will keep you safe from wild animals and provide a good place to sleep at night.

Abandoned Things

Human beings have inhabited different parts of the earth for the longest time. They tend to leave things behind and these may just be what you need. No matter how old these things look, go through them and you may just find something useful. An old shack may be enough shelter or it may contain the things you need to make shelter.

A vertical Face

This is not really a natural shelter but rather something you can use to make a shelter. The vertical faces you choose may be rock faces or embankments. A properly placed vertical face will keep you safe from winds and rain.

Animal Lairs

These are equivalent to wild animals’ bedrooms. They sleep and reproduce here. While making their lairs, animals make them as comfortable as possible by removing stones and sticks. If you can spot one then you are in luck. Get in and enjoy your stay. Do not worry; the owners are unlikely to come back. Wild animals leave their lairs after sometime and make new ones elsewhere.

Big Trees

Sheltering under a big tree may be the only option you have. Choose one with big branches like fir or cypress trees that will keep you dry in rains. Be careful and avoid tall trees that are more prone to lightning attacks. Opt for small chunky trees. If you can find a tree with a hollow, you have found the perfect sleeping space.

With these shelters at the back of your mind, get out there and explore. No matter where the rains or nights find you, finding a shelter in nature will be easy because you know what you are looking for.

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