8 Survival Tips That Will Save Your Life In Any Situation

Being in the wilderness can be a frightening experience if you have never been. Plus, getting back home where it’s safe is always a priority if you see yourself becoming lost. If this happens, you need to know how to handle the situation and have the proper knowledge to ensure your survival.

Along with the skill and knowledge, having these survival tips will allow you to make it back to civilization in one piece. This is why we have created this blog to share useful information time to time. I hope you will find it helpfu. So lets start with basics:

  1. Remain Positive

The last thing you want to do is panic if you become lost in the wilderness. Remaining positive and calm will give you a better chance for survival. When you remain positive and calm you’ll be able to:

• Focus on the situation and separate the negative feelings of hopelessness
• Remain determined
• Recognize required tasks that will help survival become possible
• Plan for your survival
• Gather any resources you currently have

  1. Build Shelter

It will be necessary to build a shelter in order to stay warm and out of the elements. In order to create one you need to do the following:

• Keep it small in order to retain your body’s heat and thus keeping you warm
• Set up your frame with surrounding branches or tree
• Attach each side by connecting available branches and fill in space with sticks
• Stuff in some insulation by using moss, leaves, and bark. Make sure that it is thick so that you will be able to maintain your heat and keep the cold out.

  1. Erect a Shelter for Shade

Depending on the environment you are in, you may need to erect a shelter for shade purposes. This way you will be out of the hot sun.

The idea is to stay as cool as possible. The best way to accomplish this is by digging into the ground to reach the cooler soil. You can then erect your shelter above the cool ground and allow the coolness to circulate. Once completed, you can relax as you enjoy the cool feeling from the ground underneath.

  1. Locate a Water Source

Searching for water that is clean and potable is a must and will play a major role in your overall survival. Unlike food, your body cannot sustain itself long without remaining hydrated. A few of the sources of water include streams, creeks, rain, and even snow.

  1. Locating alternative Water Sources

If you are unable to locate any standing water, then finding alternatives will be important. This means you will need to dig if you find plants in the area. If you notice willows, cattails, or cottonwood, then you will also likely find a water source.

Another option is to locate rock formations that have cracks and crevices which could collect water.

Keep in mind that the water you find will need to be boiled to ensure it is safe to drink.

  1. Obtain Water that Collects on Plants

Obtaining water that collects on plants will provide a quick and refreshing drink. Although the supply is little, you can collect the water over time to have a nice supply. This method is also an effective way to achieve an endless supply of water that collects from morning dew.

  1. Decontaminating Your Water

Once you have found a suitable water source, you need to take every safety precaution into consideration. The best and safest way is to boil your water to kill any possible contaminants and pathogens.

  1. Building and Lighting Fire

Building and lighting a fire will enable you to stay warm during the cold of night. There are several ways to light a fire. First, you can use matches or lighter if you have them. Make sure that they remain dry. Second, you can use a battery that will create a spark. You will need to attach wires to the negative and positive to ensure a spark is created. The third method involves an ignition from a magnesium spark. Collect some magnesium shavings and use a metal tool to create a spark to light it.

Before you ignite your fire, you will first need to collect an ample amount of fuel to burn such as sticks, leaves, and branches. Make sure that it is dry wood too or you won’t get anywhere. When you build your burn pile make sure that you use a bigger branch that can shield the wind. Then use the kindling to make your foundation. Light the kindling and ensure that it has enough space to allow oxygen to feed the fire. If needed, you can blow on the fire to help ignite the fire evenly. Once the fire takes off, add additional fuel to maintain it.

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