The New Coronavirus can Live for 2-3 Days on Surfaces: here’s how to Clean Them

How long does the coronavirus live on surfaces like door handles? Well, accordingto recent studies, this virus can survive on stainless steel and plastic for up to 72 hours, and cardboard for up to 24 hours. The virus is capable of remaining for this long. While the WHO has previously said that surfaces could have it on there for up to a few days based on research, there are new studies saying that it could be longer.

But, it’s only viable on copper for about 4 hours.

The survival rate was tested based off a series of experiments, and from this, it’s been seen that there is a ballpark estimation on the survival of this.

UV light is a very powerful disinfectant, so sunlight helps diminish the infectivity of this virus on some surfaces. The thing is though, this is still being studied. What about food?  There is major concern on this since it’s going directly to you while it’s not fully known yet, there are a few care tips that you can follow to help protect you.

First, you should learn to wipe right. Use ammonia or alcohol-based products. Don’t use baby wipes to clean off surfaces since it’s not as useful as other products.

The good thing about this virus is it doesn’t require unique cleaning, so literally just use soap and water.  You need alcohol-based wipes for it to be effective. You also can make bleach spray yourself by mixing bleach with a quart of water.

Next, you should be washing your hands pretty much as much as you can. Lather the hands up with some soap, and from there scrub for about 20 or so seconds. Make sure that you’re through with this, and spend time rubbing the back of your hands along with the front, and interlace the fingers and push them through, then soap up your thumbs and make sure to get your fingernails too.

Then there is hand sanitizer. This is effective at killing viruses, but hand washing is much better. However, is you plan to use hand sanitizer, you need something that’s at least 60% alcohol.  Since thereisa shortage, a lot of DIY recipes are being put forth, but you shouldn’t use anything with a concentration of under 60%.  That’s because it won’t be effective in killing off the coronavirus.

Finally, make sure that you get your smartphone too.  Smartphones are covered in bacteria, including the really severe ones.  Phones are held close to where the germs enter the body, so make sure that you do wipe it down.  And you don’t have to rub it down for long if you’re using an alcohol sanitizer, just a few seconds should be enough to disinfect the surface.

You should also stop touching your face. Your face is a service that has plenty of germs on it, but the thing is, the coronavirus can immediately seep into your mouth, nose or eyes if you’re not careful.  A lot of times, if you feel like touching your mouth with your hands, what you should do is touch a raw onion.  You should smell the distinct smell on your fingers when you do this, and while it might make you antisocial, who cares about that when you’re social distancing.

Taking care of the surfaces that you work with is essential, so if you’re not careful, you might get it.  Be smart, and be safe, and make sure that you keep all the surfaces in your area nice and clean. n

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