With everything that’s happenin Australia, it’s very important to ensure that you know how to survive a bushfire, since they can take place in dry conditions.  You need to of course prepare in advance for the threat, since if you make the decisions too late, you’ll have much fewer options left.

Now, you need to follow three things: prepare, act, and then survive.

To prepare, you should first and foremost have a fire safety survival plan, since it’ll let you have a safer experience, and you can figure out what to do before you have to face a bush fire.

You should make sure that you have a plan for clearing around the house, and you should look at the physical, emotional, and mental preparedness, since you should make sure that everyone is prepared for this.

Also, regardless of your decision to leave early or defend it, you should take the proper steps for the threat of this.

Now, let’s talk action. The higher the fire danger, the worse it can become.  You should look at the official fire ratings, since this will tell you whether you need to get out of there, or whether you might be okay. During the increased periods of danger, you should always try to make sure you stay in the know of any of the ratings, whether they change or not.  You should definitely look at this, and always make sure that you keep in the know on this.

Finally, you need to survive.  You should look at your survival plan. At first, it’ll have an advice, and then a watch, and then an act, and learn the emergency warning. As soon as you see this, you should decide if it’s possible to leave early, or defend the home. The safest option is to always leave early, since plans don’t always follow what you have in mind, and you should always have a backup as needed. There are safe places that you can use for this reason, and make sure that you have this as a part of your bush fire survival plan.

During this, make sure that you have access to items that’ll save your life, and from there, you can find out what you should do with all of these too.

The extreme heat can kill you, just as much as the embers and smoke can.  You should make sure you keep this in mind when you’re trying to survive a bush fire.

You should always stay up to date on all of this, and you should make sure that everyone is in place, and a plan is in action. If you follow this, it could save your life, and the lives of others.  There are some firefighters that might be able to help, but the thing, is they honestly can’t sometimes fully control this. You need to figure out whether or not you should stay, or if you should leave early.

Remember, these situations can be terrifying, and you should understand that the flames, the gusty winds, and the intense heat will tire you out.  The smoke will hurt the eyes and lungs, and it’s difficult for you to do.  there is also the roaring sound of this, and the embers will rain down upon you. Power and water is usually cut off, so you’ll be isolated.  It definitely is a scary thing, and if you can’t cope with that, you should always make sure you get away. Always have protective clothing if you do intend to stay.

They are scary, so make sure you plan accordingly.

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