How to Protect Your Gear from EMP

One of the scarier aspects of survival is when you have a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse, which is called HEMP. The nuclear weapons that are produced all contain electromagnetic pulses, or EMP, but usually, they are so massive that they’ll knock out all electronics, and many power grids that exist within our country. Because of this, you need to consider EMP protection for your electronics. But, how do you do it? Why should you do it? Read below to understand.

While there have been different venues to use this, you need to understand the physics behind this, and some of the science behind an EMP attack.

The first thing that you need to understand is that currently there is a lack of information that’s there about EMP, and the effects that are there. Most of what we know is from the 1960s, and the testing. The information on this is highly classified, so you have to go with the declassified information that you can get. but the thing is, the information is actually sufficient to make projections which are reasonable.

The second thing to learn is that this type of attack is actually as bad as it would get. Almost all people would be dead after an EMP attack, about 90% of these people, especially since we have extreme dependence on electricity, and the delocalization of food, water, and sanitation. It is survivable, but you have to prepare for it right way. Unlike other disasters, there isn’t a warning or anything, since it can be instant, and the lights go out forever.

Another event is the coronal mass ejection, or the CME, which can take out full power grids. When you have plasma particles that are very charged on the surface of your sun, and they crash into the magnetosphere of the earth, it creates an electrical current in the lines and metal, like your pipes and wires. This alone can destroy the transformers that you need for power emission, and it will wipe out the ability for this to remain operation. But, this doesn’t destroy electronic devices currently, unless they’re connected.

The best way to protect it is a faraday cage, and this is a simple little device that protects your electronics, simply by preventing these waves from getting inside. Usually, the more expensive units will use a combination of copper and aluminum mesh. You can build your own with foil, and a galvanized steel trash can. This doesn’t of course, have to look like a cage, but instead it’s anything that you make which blocks this radiation.

You shouldn’t put this in a microwave oven or a Mylar bag, and it is skeptical at best to try this. Usually, the MEP frequencies is of course, AM to Approximately FM radio, since the EMP frequencies have a much broader level, but tis comparison is enough. Usually, they’re as low as 540 KHz and the FM band stops at around 1-08 MHz, and you should make sure that you have this container in place, since the best to set up. You should tune to a station and turn it up. Put it in a cage, and from there, test to see if it’s still being picked up. Don’t be shocked if it doesn’t, since the FM signals are easy to shield. You can then test it with AM, since they can still get the signals pretty well. If you can’t hear the AM station at all, that’s fine, especially since you want it to be a good faraday cage to keep those electromagnetic signals away. You may wonder why it’s important to protect your electronics. Well, in an instance of EMP, it can save you, since you can communicate, and give you a major tactical advantage. You also can hold a lot of information in this, and you can hold onto valuable information even in a blackout.

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