How do you prepare for an earthquake? Well, you should start doing so now. the supplies that you need are pretty simple, but you should have enough to last about three or so days. Here are some of the most important things to have when preparing for this.

First, you need a first aid kit. This is very important especially if you’re in an area hit by these a lot, since they end up creating a lot of problems over time.  You should make sure that you keep it in a tackle box, and include hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting wounds, ointment that’s antibiotic, alcohol swabs, prescriptions for long-term medications, medicine for diarrhea, eye drops, and aspirin and various dressing. You can get one of those basic first aid kits if you don’t’ feel like taking a ton of time to put this together.

Next, let’s talk a survival kit.  In earthquake situations, there are a few things that you should make sure that you have. For starts, an ae, broom or shovel to get through debris is important. Sometimes, you might have to take things apart, so make sure that you have pliers, a screwdriver, and a wrench that’s adjustable. Some pocket knives are great for this, since it kind of includes everything.

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You should also have plastic sheeting tape, since it allows for you to protect various areas from the elements. Finally, you should use rope for rescue and towing, since there is a lot that might happen, and you should make sure you’re ready to rescue others.

When it comes to earthquakes, there are a few thing that’ll help with comfort and safety.  Here are some items that might help.

First, get those shoes so that they’re sturdy, and give protection from glass, debris, nails, and other items that can potentially hurt your feet.

You also should get some gloves, especially heavy duty, but latex ones for biohazards are important too.  Supplies to keep you occupied are good too. Blankets and sleeping bags are good too especially if you need to sit in spaces for a while.

A portable radio that either uses batteries, or a hand crank is important. That way, you won’t have to worry about potentially running out of juice when you need it most.  You also might want to check for any medication s and glasses you need.

You should make sure that you have glasses and medications too, especially if you know that there is a chance that the power might go out.

As for food, you should get some canned items.  The canned good s are good because of the different issues that can come out, and there is a lot that you should figure out as well.

Finally, also consider making yourself a survival kit for your car.  This can include a whistle signals, premoistened towelettes, emergency signal devices, and other cables and such to help with this.  You never know when you might have an earthquake, and sometimes, these will happen when you’re not at home.  You don’t want to be caught in this, right?

When it comes to earthquakes, I’s very hard to tell when they’re going to occur, but with the right items, and the right planning, you’ll be happy you did this, and there is a lot that you can benefit from, and a lot that will help you. Your survival matters so always make sure that you properly plan for the future ahead of time, and work towards ensuring that you do it correctly.

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