Emergency Preparedness Tips You May Not Know

Being prepared for disasters is very important, however, it’s not always just doomsday prepping, there are a few ways for you to realistically prepare for anything that can disrupt life in any way. Here are some emergency preparedness tips that can help you out in a time of need.

First, make sure you have emergency alerts set up. While you may want to watch the news and such when things are bad, having a cell phone and other alerts are good to have. However, you might need to manually set it up.

You can also get an email alert system put in place, which will help you set up warnings by either email or text, and lets you determine all of the different alerts that you want to have and everything at hand. It’s really convenient and really helpful to do as well.

You should also look at different places where you can get local emergency notifications. For example, you can simply google where you can get the emergency alert signups, and you can also look at your local public safety office. Also, make sure you’re not the only person getting alerts. That way, you’re all on top of what’s happening and kept safe.

Next, establish multiple spots to meet up. These can be in or outside the home, but you should also have an indoor meeting spot in your home, a neighborhood meeting spot in the event you’re all separated. You should also have a regional meeting spot where those that are in different locations but the same place can meet up. Finally, you should have a meeting spot for out of town emergencies, such as those for evacuations. That way, if you do have to travel to the next place over, you can do this quite easily. It will help immensely when you’re trying to ensure you have everyone accounted for, and to keep everyone nice and safe.

Then, have a family communication plan in place. You can have this out there in the event you lose your family, and you need someone to find them. These are great since you can get them from the CDC with various aspects to help with this. You can get contact information, insurance information, work and school information, and also additional contacts in the event you’re all separated and you need a way to get in touch. This contact form could inevitably save your life, so it’s important to consider this.

You can even make trees of your contact information, which is great if you have this kind of issue or maybe you have a lot of people in your area you’re close to.

Finally, make sure everyone in the home carries an in case of emergency, or ICE card. This is important in the event you’re hurt. This should have your name, gender, blood type, and very important medical information including allergies or prescriptions that you take. It should also include one more emergency contact, and you can even generate free tools to print one of these. You can make a couple of these, for the bags and for your car, and you can even get the AAA template to help with this. There are also health apps, like the one on the iPhone, which lets you list all of your vital medical information. This is essential, since it will help you in the event that there is a dire emergency.

When you read about preparing, these tips will help make it worth your while, and make emergency preparedness even better for you as well.

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