The Best Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Now that emergency preparedness is happening all over, people want checklists of what they need. However, these can be intimidating, and in reality, for most of this you’ll need to put tighter an emergency kit of things you already have, but there are some ways for you to stock up on the gear that you have, and we’ll tell you here what the best thing to do at this point is. Here, we’ll highlight the best products that you should have for an everyday situation, and as well for natural disasters

For those starting from scratch, first you should get a heavy duty water storage container, water purification tablets, energy bars, first aid kits, emergency radio, face masks, a headlamp and lantern, backup emergency candles or lights, a whistle to signal, a power inverter for your car, and a container to store everything. In addition to that though, we’ll outline a few other important items to have here.

First is water. Always have this, at least a gallon of water per person each day, in order to cover drinking water and basic needs of hygiene. If you’re not prepared, you should make sure that you have enough water in your water heater, toilet tank, and also fill up your bathtub. The water in your toilet is actually safe to drink, but don’t just rely on that.

Next are water packs. Having one is good, but getting some of the big containers such as the 7-gallon Aqua -trainer tank is good too. There are other carriers too, about 5 and 3.5 gallons respectively, which can hold a lot of water. Of course, the 7-gallon version holds a week’s worth of water per person. These also have break-proof handles that are comfortable with use. The reliance ones have a spigot that’s in the cap, which reduces the risk of smashing and cracking. The Aqua-trainer ones are the most reliable ones though.

Water potability is another big thing. You should always have these. The pouches that you get should be flexible, tough, and slim enough that you can pack them. They also have a five-year expiration date. There are many different water pouches out there, but you should make sure that you have some of these.

You should make sure that chlorine dioxide tablets are used too since they’re the best for this.

Energy bars are another part of this. You can get survival meals, but there are some that are very quick to expire, and usually, they’re filled with sugar and carbs. Clif bars are your best option since they can have the nutrients that you don’t’ get with full meals. They’re also very quick to get, and they’re the best replacement and energy bars on the market.

Finally, a can opener. There are a lot of these on the market, but you should get one that’s easy to use, and you know how to use it. You should always try to get one that is manual too, because you may not be able to use it if their’s no electricity.

You should make sure that you keep this with your food, since you might be eating canned goods for a little while, and this will help prevent you from getting too hungry, and also stave all of that off.

With that being said, here is everything that you need in order to prepare for any and all emergency situations. There’s’ a lot that goes into preparing for these kinds of emergencies, and you can, with this as well, get the most that you can out of this that’s possible, and everything that you can.

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