How to Build a Basic Disasters Supply Kit

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re ready for the worst? You should always make sure that you have all of the items listed in the checklist below.  Most of them are pretty easy to get, and don’t cost all that much, and some of them are so small that they could save your neck.

There are a few things that you should definitely get, but also, if you have pets, or even older people and families, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have everything on hand for any emergency.

You also need to make sure that you pack for at least several days, and you should have supplies, including water and food, that last up to 72 hours too. Disaster supplies kit is a lot of basic items that you may need in the event that emergencies happen, and that’s something you should definitely consider.

What Supplies do you need.

Well, you should first and foremost make sure that you have airtight plastic bags that are filled with disaster supplies in a couple of containers, or in a duffel bag. 

Water is your first thing that you need. Have a gallon per person per day for up to three days, not just for drinking, but sanitation too.

The same goes for food, you need at least three days of non-perishable food.  You also should have some sort of radio, whether batter powered or hand-cranked, and you can get it with some alerts and such for the worst.

Flashlights or signals such as a whistle or mirror, are great to have as well in the event of an emergency.

The worst does happen, so you should also make sure that you do have various first aid kit supplies, along with extra batteries that are there for you to have on hand.

A dust mask or a filter is also good because it will help with filtering contaminated air and plastic especially if you know you’re in an area with compromised air.

Moist towelettes, plastic ties, and various garbage bags are also good things to have on hand especially if you know that you want to take care of your personal sanitation.

Wrenches and pliers are good for turning off utilities. You don’t know how bad it’s going to be, and the last thing you need is a gas leak on top of everything else, right?

Maps of not just the local area, but other places as well are definitely worth checking out, and you should try to at least have some of the local area, since that’s usually where people get into emergency situations.

Cell phones are important too, since usually the reason why people struggle with survival is, they don’t have enough juice. But, don’t fully rely on this, because usually, if you a=rely too much on this, it can end up being a problem since the towers do go out.

To maintain your kit, you should keep the food that’s canned in a place that’s dry and cooled. Store any food that’s boxes in a tight, closed plastic or a metal container.  You should replace items that expire as needed. You should also look at the needs you have each year, updating your kit as the needs change, such as maybe for kids you have to pack extra stuff for them.

You should always check for the water and the canned perishables too, since those do end up going bad over time, and it’s better to ensure that you’re taking care of this, and you’re doing what you feel is right.

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