Tips To Protect Your Pets from Wildfire

Wildfire and other types of disasters are as dangerous for the pets as they are for the humans. As a matter of fact, animals can be the biggest victims here because they cannot do much to protect themselves in advance. In this scenario, it is worth talking about the incident of wildfire that happened in San Luis Rey Downs Training Center in San Diego Countyon December 10, 2017. 46 racehorses died and a trainer was injured due to this wildfire.

Although animal control officers worked well to evacuate the animals to prevent an even bigger damage, they struggled a lot because people were not quite prepared to save their animals.

The reason to discuss this matter is that people normally do not pay proper attention to their pets while getting prepared for emergency situations. Since pets are considered family members, they need to be saved from disasters and transported out safely from the area of impact.

Talking about the incident mentioned above, Ventura County Animal Services field operations supervisor Brian Bray told Ventura County Star: “What we’ve noticed is a lot of transportation issues as far as livestock and large animals, people not having enough trailers or not being able to get them out quickly enough.

It is worth asking here if you have a pet carrier. If you have one, how big is it? According to the recommendation by The Humane Society of the United States, the carrier needs to be large enough to allow the pet to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Small pets can be secured using small cages with blankets, towels and other species-specific protective items. To make the pet’s company more stress-free, you can bring pet’s bed and toys.

There are times when you and your family members are away from home and your area is struck by a disaster. For such situations, you need to request your neighbors in advance to take care of your pets. You can give them the key and show them where your pets are going to be during your absence.

Since many of the shelters do not allow pets, you can take get to your relatives or friends living in the safe locations. That’s where you can live with your pets without any worry.Humane Society of the United States has the similar recommendation for the pet owners in this regard.

Another way is to search for the pet-friendly hotels beforehand. You can search for these hotels online. However, you need to keep it in mind that these hotels may charge you extra for the pets.

Another important thing to consider is the pet food. Make sure that you have 5 days’ worth of foods for your pets in your emergency survival kit. This food storage also includes water. Also include garbage bags in the kit to deal with the pet wastes. Moreover, it is quite important to have first aid for pets.

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