Dealing With the Early Arrival of Hurricanes

If you host parties at home, you know how to make preparations before the guest arrive. But sometimes, there is one guest who tries to arrive early just to make sure that you are not able to make full preparation for the other guests.

There is a lot of similarity between such parties and hurricane season. You make preparation for entire season but you do not see that one storm coming quite early. This storm or hurricane can catch you at the moment when you are not ready; and it can be pretty disastrous.

Good thing is that National Hurricane Center has updated measures to know about the early arrivers before they hit an area. Knowing the details released by NHC can help you stay prepared for the hurricanes beforehand. In this scenario, it would worth sharing the tips to stay prepared to deal with the hurricanes.

Emergency Kit

Hurricanes can be quick and disastrous. And you might not find it a good idea to stay in the home. In such scenarios, leaving the danger zone seems the best bet. In this situation, you need to be ready to live away without getting into a lot of trouble. That’s where you are going to need an emergency survival kit. The items which need to be always present in your emergency survival kit include blankets, flashlights (including spare batteries) and a fully updated first aid kit. Make sure that you have at least three worth of food ready in the survival kit. You can consider having non-perishable foods in the kit.

Securing the property

First of all, you need to bring the outside furniture and other items like bicycles into the home interior. Cover your windows using storm shutters. If you do not have storm shutters, you can use plywood sheets to fully cover the windows. Trees and shrubs in in your home can be quite helpful here. Make sure that they are properly trimmed. The branches of the trees can be quite helpful in keeping your home’s exterior safe from the impact of strong hurricane winds.

Emergency evacuation plan

Many communities, which are at a risk of being struck by hurricanes, have hurricane evacuation routes. Make sure that you have learnt those routes. You can teach those routes to your children because hurricane is an emergency situation in which every individual has to act right on his/her own.


Effective communication can help you a lot during emergency survival, especially when you are not with your family. Have to make sure that you have a robust communication plan to specifically deal with the emergency situation. Have your kids memorize your phone number and make sure that you have contact details of your relatives living out of the town.

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