What to Do When Cell Phones Stop Working

The worst has happened: a natural disaster happens. You want to contact your friends, and your family, but you can’t. the cell phone isn’t working.  This leaves out a means to communicate, and oftentimes, modern communications might not work in an emergency.  Having radio equipment and learning how to use it is essential, and we’ll talk here about why these are needed for emergencies.

What’s the issue with cell phones? Well, the problem is they tend to break down.  Usually, it happens due to overload, where the communications spike, overwhelming the system. You might get a signal, but no connection, since millions are using it at once. Oftentimes, breakdown happens more, where your entire city won’t have communications breakout, and from there, you literally can’t make a call out.

Then there is the phone no being charged enough. Oftentimes, we will keep it charged to work, but if you didn’t charge it enough, you can say goodbye to the power, and oftentimes, you probably have maybe a half charge on the device. The problem as well, is that oftentimes, if they are older, they don’t’ hold as much power.

So, what’s the solution? Well, a ham radio, or satellite phones, they will do the job and then some.  They’re essentially the personal power source that you can use, and many times, with the use of batteries, you can get a signal out.  You’ll need to understand the communication networks locally, since these are oftentimes long-range, and also a bit storage because they can cause signals to bounce.  These are great cause you’ll be able to communicate with people past the disaster zone and get a signal out to help determine the condition.

You literally buy the equipment, and from there, you should make sure that you know how to use it.  It is less convenient, but you’ll get a signal out, and get the job done in an emergency so you can help others.

You do need a license though.  You might skip this if you need it only for emergencies, but you should get a license for this. That’s partially because it’ll teach you right away what you need to get done to get a signal out, and how to operate it. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is learn how to operate this from an emergency situation. This will help you learn how to use it not during an emergency, but also during normal times when you need it, and oftentimes, if you’re doing it without a license, you can get in trouble.

It is pretty easy to get it, and you essentially can study materials and get it, but you don’t need to know Morse code. But it will save your bacon in an emergency, and oftentimes, there is a chance that you’ll be able to, with this equipment, help others in the process, and it’s super helpful to know when the going gets tough in disastrous situations.

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