How to Prepare a Pet for a survival disaster

Pets are an integral part of this, and oftentimes when things get hectic, you may not know what you need for the pet or forget to pack something essential.  Here, you’ll learn a few tips that will help you with devising a plan.

First, you need to identify a shelter.  Many emergency shelters don’t allow pets, so you’ll want to make sure that you know of hotels, motels, and places where you can house your pets. The animal shelter may be able to help you with this as well.

Here are also items to pack.  Pet food, water bottles, medications, records from the bet, a cat litter or pan, a manual can opener, dishes for their food, first aid kit, and other supplies should be there.  You should always make sure that you have a pet survival kit for your little guy, so that if a disaster does it, they’re safe.

Make sure the ID tags are as securely fastened to the pet’s collar and have them up to date.  You should also attach the address and phone number of the site.  The tag is the ticket line. Always make sure you have photos of your pet for ID purposes, and always make sure that you have a secure carrier, leash, or harness for them, so that if they do panic, they can’t run away.

You should also contact the emergency management office animal shelter, or animal control office to get advice and information, and if you’re unable to return to your home immediately, you might need to board the pet, which means that you should know where they can.

Oftentimes, kennels that allow for boarding, vets and animal shelters will need the medical records of the pet to make sure that they’re all up to date on everything. Always have it.

You should make sure to keep precautions in place if you need to leave the pet at home.  You should never confine the pet to a place outside.  Let them stay loose in the home with plenty to drink. Remove the toilet tank lid and brace your bathroom door open.  Place a notice advising that pets are where they are and provide phone numbers so that they can contact you once they have the pet.

You should if you’re staying with them, have the pets inside, and have newspapers on hand.  Feed pets canned or moist food, so they need less water to drink.

You should bring them inside immediately and never have them outside during a storm.  Also, separate your cats and dogs. Even if they normally get along, they may act irrationally, and you should also get special dispensers to regulate food.

You should try to keep them with you and have close contact.  You should make sure that you never leave them attended.  You should watch them and keep them near as usable. That way they won’t freak out and are more liable to stay with you.

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