Emergency Preparedness Goals for this Year

Now that the year is in full swing, we all have goals. But, did you know that you could make certain emergency preparedness goals a thing? Here are some emergency preparedness goals for this year to consider.

First, is food storage. You should try to make sure that you have enough food, and rotate it out every so often to keep the freshness there.  You should store more if possible, especially if your budget allows it.  You should store water as well, especially since the water in the township could be contaminated, and you need that for cleaning and personal hygiene, along with keeping yourself and others hydrated.

You should make sure to get at least some basic supplies too. Medical supplies including bandages and ointment are important, because you may not be able to purchase this.  Make sure you store any medication yourself or family members take, and keep it up to date, and having extra gas for generators will definitely help.

So now that we’ve said a little bit about what you should have, what are a few goals for this year? Well, you should try to make sure you’ve got a survival kit for the home, office, and car, with different items in each one depending on the area.  You should also consider growing your own veggie or fruit garden. It may be a little late for this year, but preparing for next year is great.  You should learn how to preserve food since it does last much longer than if it wasn’t prepared.

You should look and assess the likelihood of when natural disasters hit the area. While you can never be too careful, you should prepare for the area you live in.

you can also test out the survival kit by going camping with it, and from there, make a pact to keep all digital devices away.  From there, you should test it, and see if your kit works for 72 hours at least. If the answer is no, get exactly what you need to make this possible.

Finally, learn to enjoy things that are helpful in an emergency. Fishing, cooking, building shelters, hiking, or even just keeping items safe are all valuable skills and items and you should make sure that if you can, you learn these in the event of an emergency.

Getting into the mindset of maintaining a survival kit is great for everyone to have, considering how unpredictable natural disasters are.  You should make sure to spend time and money on this and purchase ones that best fit your own personal needs. Kits that are able to be purchased are regulated, and you’ll be able to create a better, more rewarding experience for yourself, and you’ll be able to improve on this. Start working on your goals this year, by working on emergency preparation, and in turn, build a better, more rewarding survival experience that will not only keep you safe but others safe as well too.

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