How to Prepare classrooms for School shootings

With school shootings increasing every single day, it’s important for both teachers and students to be ready for these types of events.  They are unpredictable, but students should know what to do in these types of situations, and how to prepare for the worst.  A school-wide emergency plan is often not enough, especially since they can happen and travel through classroom s fast.

You should always have school emergency kits, and you should plan and practice for active shooters by developing a classroom lockdown and planning these drills.  You should make sure that every classroom has enough supplies to meet the needs of every student.

Lockdown plans are important since it can help you stay in place, and stay alive.  You should never use codes, and make the announcement direct, such as saying “intruder is in the building, lockdown is happening.”  You should make sure all people in the hallways end up in a classroom and lock the doors. If the intruder is outside, lock the exterior doors. If the intruder is inside, never lock them.

You should make sure that every student is on the floor, with the lights off, and that students are away from doors and windows.  You should take attendance and make sure that any student who is missing is accounted for or listed.  You shouldn’t respond to anyone till an all-clear happens.

You should also prepare with emergency kits. Many times, these can be stretched for much longer, especially since it could take a while to find the intruder.  School emergency kits are very important, and you should have a first aid kit, a search and rescue kit, a communication and light kit, and a sanitation kit that you have there.  You should make sure that you know how to use this as well, and become familiar with the items you’re using.

If you take attendance through a computer or technology-related device, have a clipboard and writing tablet, along with some pens, and you should make sure that you have tamper-evident closure ties a well to help protect yourself.

If you can get it, you should make sure that you also have a gunshot wound kit as well, such as nitrile gloves, EMT scissors, gauze and gauze pads, a blood stopper bandage, tourniquet, and some permanent marker, and a biohazard bag.

While school shootings are still rare, it’s super important to make sure that you prepare for them, since this can be a big problem for a lot of students and teachers. With the right protection though, and the right precautions, you’ll be able to prevent the worst from happening, and ensure that you’re getting the right items for you to be safe and secure.  There is a lot that can happen, and a lot that you need to be careful with, so always make sure that if there is a threat of this, you take the time to familiarize yourself, and get used to these items as well.

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