Majority of the floods in United States are not quite harmful. However, the ones resulted by the hurricanes are quite serious. As a matter of fact, the Hurricane Katrina caused 80% of the New Orleans to be flooded. This flood took hundreds of lives and caused damage to about 70% of the city’s housing.

In this scenario, it is worth mentioning that a difference between safety and tragedy could depend upon your preparedness for the flood.

Preparing for the flood

Knowing what to do during a flood is crucial. If you live in an area that receives a lot of floods, you need to stock up at least 5 days’ worth of water and foods. You also need to have a battery-powered radio. And make sure that you have emergency blankets and waterproof clothing and shoes. In the areas that receive floods, the officials usually establish routes that help in safe evacuation before the flood strikes. Make sure that you have updated information about those routes so that you could move fast and accurately in the time of emergency. Moreover, you also need to work with a plumber and electrician to get the issues fixed in order to prevent any hazards which are caused by overflow of water.

What to do during the flood?

If you have not made it out of the city yet and the flood has struck the area, you need to pay attention to any opportunities that you can avail in order to get out of the area safely. If the flood water continues to rise,make sure that you have switched off the main power of the home.If you live in a dual story building, you will have to make sure that you have brought all of your important supplies to the top floor. Make sure that you have enough supplies that would help you live without any trouble until the flood recedes.

After the flood

After the flood recedes, the major task to do is the cleanup. And since flood water can cause short-circuit, make sure that you do not connect wires to the appliances until the electrician gives you a go-ahead. And you need to be wary about the outbreaks of certain illnesses that usually go viral after the flood. Therefore, getting immunization for you and your loved ones should be among the top priority tasks to do after the flood recedes.

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