Tips To Prepare For a Tornado

According to a stat, about 1,200 tornadoes hit United States or annual basis. This devastating occurrence mainly consists of air moving fast in circular motion. It has the ability to destroy anything it hits. Now, it is usually quite difficult to predict when a tornado hits an area but the scientists have been able to identify the weather changes that pave way for a tornado. This is the reason that organizations such as NOAA are able to give warnings prior to a tornado.

Preparing for a tornado

A tornado is mainly a part of a larger storm system and it usually brings with it the thunder and lightning. It is basically a column of violently spinning air.

Now, the happening of tornado can be pretty quacking, giving very less time to the residents of the area to react. This is the reason that preemptive measures against a tornado are the only way to survive this happening. Now, you are going to have to make sure that you keep an eye on the weather changes. Moreover, you should have a viable plan of action in case the weather turns violent. You need to make sure that you are ready to act on your plan. Whether you want to live in the area or evacuate to a safe location, you need to be able to act on the plan.

In case you plan on living in your place, you need to have all of the supplies to ensure your survival. Those supplies mainly include medical kit, ready foods and water for drinking. It would be great if you stock up the dried or frozen meals. The supplies need to last at least 5 days.

Things to do during tornado

If you see the tornado approaching, try to reach the indoor area as soon as you can. If you are in a car, get out of the car and try to get under a shelter. It is pertinent to note that you cannot outrun a tornado with the help of a car. If you are in the house, try to get into the basement. If there is no basement in the home, just reach the ground floor and limit yourself in a room or area without windows.

Things to do after a tornado

After the tornado is over, you need to make sure that you are not approaching anything which can be dangerous. There may be downed wires all around in your home. Make sure that you do not get in contact with those wires. Call the repair services to get everything repaired in order to get back to normalcy.

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