Severe Winter Storm Preparation

Usually, when we hear about severe storms, we think tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, but what about severe winter storms? There are more of these happening in areas you’d least expect, including Oklahoma and Texas, and it will impact millions of people.  It can wreak havoc and cause loss of life in states in some cases. Blizzards, ice storms, or even freezing rain and rainstorms can even come about, and some of them also come with their own share of flash floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.  Many times, people aren’t’ ready enough for it, but you should always be ready for severe winter storms by watching weather alerts on the radio, on smartphones and tablets, on apps, direct TV and radio broadcasts, along with the online sources that are there.

For winter storms, you first and foremost want to be prepared beforehand. You should always check to make sure that your CO detector works. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, a poisonous gas that can affect people quite quickly. You should always check for this.

Next, make sure that you have enough food and water for up to a week, including a gallon of water for every single person, every single day.

You should also have on hand a first aid kit because you never know if someone does go outside, and slips and falls on ice, that can leave a nasty bruise or worse, so you should always be informed of that.

Sometimes these winter storms create ice on the power lines, and if you notice that, or gas lines that are downed or broken, you need to make sure that you do have the means to report this since a downed power line can be incredibly dangerous.

Next, are tools. Always have spare batteries, a flashlight, a utility knife, kitty litter, and emergency flares. Kitty litter is especially important because that can help build traction for cars on ice, and you’ll definitely want to consider this. Road salt is another, but sometimes, it can get too cold for that, so be careful.

Next, create an access path for you to get out, and potentially get to your car as needed. If you notice that you’re overexerting yourself, you need to recognize this. Understand that, and exhaustion as well.

You should also stay warmed up and bundled up. Or rooms that have large space between the door and the floor, stuff towels under it so that it helps keep the heat within the place.

Finally, make sure that you have sturdy shoes and blanket.s this is imperative if you’re going to be in a place without power, and it’s incredibly cold outside.

Winter storms are no joke, and while they can create pretty structures as a result, for many people, it can be quite scary, almost devastating for it. Making sure that you take the right steps for this is essential, so make sure that you do spend some time understanding the dangers of this, and how to get out of this.

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