How to Fight Droughts with Harvested Rainwater

Droughts are becoming more and more prevalent in the states these days, and over 70 percent of California and western states suffer from this.  While the rains do come and go, if you are in an area that is affected by drought, one of the best ways to combat this is to get rain barrels to catch some extra water. You could get up to 900 gallons of water from this alone. This is perfect to have around in those times when water is scarce.

Rainwater shouldn’t be used for consumption, but if you want to keep your yard looking fresh, this is a wonderful addition. It can be expensive to maintain a good front yard due to the costs of water, but by using rainwater, you can use this on a regular basis to water the lawn. You can also prevent this from running off to the local water tables, which in turn will pollute the roads, so you’re basically helping with offsetting pollution there.  You should also check with the state before you do this though, so make sure that you do utilize that before you begin.

If you’re worried about the installation of this, then fear not. It’s incredibly easy and straightforward. What you do, is get a barrel, and get one that collects over 40 gallons or more, and then attach this to the downspout, and then there you go. You have a lot of options here, and while the standard plastic one is god, you can get something that matches the house a little bit better. Some of these can hold up to 100 gallons of water from here, and that’s water that you can use to help water your lawn, plants, and the like, which in turn will help keep the garden better.

Can you use this for consumption? It’s not ideal, but if you manage to figure out a means to filter out the pollutants, it’s potentially possible. You could also if you know how to filter it, keep this here in the event of emergencies, because droughts may affect the general state of the populace, so it might be in your best interest to have this on hand.

Droughts are never fun, and places are suffering from it more and more, potentially due to global warming. That’s a whole other monkey to tackle a whole other day, but you can see from this alone that learning how to collect and harvest rainwater in your area is incredibly beneficial, and it can help you create the best home that you possibly can.  You can fight droughts with this, and in turn, it will help you craft a better, more rewarding situation for yourself, and help you craft a wonderful means to collect water. You can use water for many things, and it can benefit many, just remember that the next time you collect water, or are noticing that another drought is happening within our area as well.

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