Wildfires happen everywhere in the US, but mostly out west. In the first six months of 2015, there were over 30,000 different wildfires, burning up a total of three million acres. Whenever lightning strikes, these wildfires can be created, or they can happen from human action, but all of which are terribly destructive. The worst one was the Oakland fire of 1991 that happened in California, and it claimed the lives of 25 people, burning nearly 3000 homes and costing almost 2 billion dollars of damage.  They can happen quickly, so make sure that you’re prepared.  The sequoias actually need fires to spread their seeds, so sometimes they’re purposefully set, but all of which are fast, and incredibly dangerous.

Never fight a wildfire, you can’t do that. Let the professionals do that.  You should make sure firewood is stored away from the home, and make sure all of the dead foliage in the gutter is cleared away, and any vegetation that may prove a fire risk is removed from the home. You should close windows and vents to prevent embers and smoke from entering. Always have a medical or emergency kit on hand, and take some water to the walls, since it will make it harder for the structure to catch fire.

If there is one, always go to higher ground, and have an emergency kit ready, containing both meals and water, put in there.  You will want to check with evacuation teams to figure out the route that you need to take, and from there, you should do it.  You should do everything it takes to stay away from the fire, and avoid inhalation of smoke as you navigate towards higher ground.

Now after a wildfire, typically there is a lot of devastation, and there may even be secondary fires that happen.  You should wait for the local authorities to give that all-clear message. From there, contact your insurance agent, and let them know fo any damages, and make sure you avoid any downed power lines, and try not to inhale the smoke that’s there, this can be hard, especially if you’re in an area that was greatly affected, but it can be possible to do.

When it does come to wildfires, you need to get out of there as fast as you can, since if that smoke travels and gets into your lungs, it can mean curtains for you. You should have an evacuation route planned, along with emergency supplies that can make evacuation plans to get out of there.

Wildfires are no joke, and knowing how to be prepared could potentially save your life. If you’re worried about the potential for a wildfire to strike in your area, you should make sure that you have the emergency evacuation plans in place to get out of there in a quick and effective manner, and do everything that you need to do in order to ensure the safest and best results that you can get.

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