Are you Prepared for Tornado Season

While they can happen at any time of the year, they typically can start as early as March. If you live in a downtown area of a major city that’s immune to tornadoes, you should know a bit about the area that you’re in, and how to prepare for that disaster.  People can die in these disasters, and you definitely want to make sure that you’re informed of how to get out in the event of these.  You can use the EF scale to identify how intense the tornadoes are.  Usually, if there is minimal damage, EF0 is the worst, but the EF5 tornadoes can cause destruction of structures.

The most common areas for tornadoes are Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Kansas as well. Tornadoes strike those states in the spring or the early summer.  You typically see these start off as a gray or a white cloud, but after a bit, it starts to go black due to the debris picked up by it.  A tornado in Oklahoma destroyed an entire motel, and the destruction was actually found in Arkansas.

A thousand tornadoes kill dozens of people, and there are more tornadoes in the US than any other country, and they can actually tear through different states at a very high speed.

Now, how do you prepare for these? Well, listen to the weather and subscribe to those emergency alerts if you know something is about to go bad.  You need to know the difference between a watch and a warning, which means the conditions are favorable for the severe storms to produce a tornado, and a warning means that a tornado was spotted on the radar.  If you’re wondering if you’re going to see a tornado, you should look for a green, dark sky and some rotating clouds.  Usually, large hail or a roaring sound like a train accompanies this, but not all tornadoes come with the warning noise, so you should look for the other symptoms

You should make sure that if nothing else, keep a supply of water, nonperishable food, and a can opener in the storm shelter, and a place for you to go to in the even to a tornado. You should also make sure that you have a car emergency supply kit with emergency supplies, first aid medications, and the like, and you should keep it in a box that’s fortified because of how strong these tornadoes are.

You should make sure that you have flashlights, and some copies of important documents in there too.  You should also make sure that any lawn furniture and objects before a big storm are secured, since they can fly around, causing injury and damage. You should try to stay below the ground in interior spaces too, or try to use a bathtub or close and cover yourself with a blanket or padding.

These are a little more predictable than other natural disasters, but it’s important to watch for the signs too.

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