The Best Ways to Overcome Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is a saying that a lot of people say, but they may not know what it is.  it’s essentially a state of boredom, anxiety, or restlessness, that comes from a  prolonged stay in a confined or remote place. it’s been in our vocabulary for at least 100 years, originated between 1915 to 1920, but there is a chance that it might’ve been a little bit earlier.  it’s quite interesting to hear, but lots of times it happens during the winter months when people are forced to stay indoors. it’s definitely hard to imagine how people coped with this years ago, especially without the internet, but here are some ways to overcome cabin fever, especially without high-tech gadgets and other resources.

The first is to be creative. There are coloring books that you can get, but you can also work with clay, drawings, glitter, or even sewing.  it’s fun to get creative, and it can help.

Then there is indoor gardening. This is a way to really get creative because it’s good for you to use, but it also is useful.  If you do grow colorful plants, you can brighten a bleak winter day, and really help with this.  If you tend to plants while you’re indoors, it ca be super therapeutic, even if it’s just a tiny garden that you’re throwing together.

Listening to music is a good way to help you relax, and I also can spawn some creativity. You also can go outside.  Usually, unless the temperatures are dangerous, there are heavy winds, or severe weather, going outside can be quite beneficial for you. Plus, it will help you get vitamin D, which is usually what people are deprived of during the winter.  You can also get some regular exercise as well, such as walking around or even taking a brisk walk, or dance to music or even do a light workout.  If you can make it to the gym, it might be good to try that.

But, you should also know that cabin fever isn’t SAD. SAD is that feeling of sadness and lack of energy, and it’s a form of depression. Most are sensitive to light if they have SAD, so they will have depression, and it will decrease the serotonin levels, and melatonin levels. This can be quite frustrating to deal with, and usually, they need light therapy and psychotherapy. Cabin fever is mostly just feeling bored because you have stayed inside all day, and while that can normally be fixed with well, going outside or just doing something, SAD is a much more detailed issue, and it can be more frustrating to deal with than cabin fever may be.

It can be hard during the winter months to really be out there and moving, but with the right ideas, and the right wellness in place, you’ll be happier with this, and it’s important to understand that, with the right mindset, it can be healthier for you too.

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