Why you need emergency Supplies at home

Storing supplies at home is definitely very important. If you do have a disaster in the area you’re at, you may find yourself without the luxuries that you have every single day. If you don’t’ have electricity, ut can cause you to be in the dark, and water treatment plants may suffer too. Your home may have structural damage that you can’t occupy, so you may need to take shelter outdoors during extreme conditions. You also may have to seek out medical treatment in some cases too, and it may be harder than you think. Here are some of the different emergency preparedness supplies that you should have.

First and foremost is emergency food. Lots of stores will be closed for weeks, and roads may be unsafe.  You should have minimally 72 hours worth of food for every sing person, and you should try to ideally create a weeks’ worth. May might try to make their home survival kits with ER bars, which are essentially survival foods that are good and they don’t’ provoke thirst, and provide nutrients. they’re basically made for disaster victims, and since they are vacuum sealed and packaged, they will stay fresh for up to 5 years.

Next, you have emergency water.  This is important since most of the water won’t be available after an emergency happens. Bottled water only has a 1-2 year shelf life, and you should make sure that you minimally have a gallon of water for a person every single day.  Some say the 3-day supply ones are good, but you can get a survival kit that contains a 3-day supply of merem=ncy water. Some may even have a stray that filters the water, and you should get one of those water barrels and accessories to keep it fresh.

Next, you have lights. Lights are important because they will help with getting you around. A solar and hand-crank radio with a lantern light never needs batteries, and there are also lightsticks that you can get too.  These are good, and you can even buy waterproof matches that last a long time as well.

Finally, you’ve got a first aid kit and some rescue supplies. Accidents happen, and you should get yourself a comprehensive kit that contains antiseptics, bandages, gauze, and other rolls, and some even have a CPR mask for those moments.

When it comes to supplies for shelter and rescue, you should also have these too, including space blankets, a tube tent, or even a rain poncho, and a canopy shelter too.  Rescue tape and even work supplies are good to have on hand for if you need to do a search and rescue.

With the right supplies, you’ll be safe and sound, and here, we discussed some of the emergency supplies that you can get in order to keep yourself protected and safe from the elements, which is something that will ultimately help, and something that will definitely keep you safe as well.

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