How to Make an Emergency survival kit for school kids

One of the biggest concerns families have is making sure that kids are ready to act in the event of an emergency. With a lot happening during the school day, you should always make sure that children are aptly prepared for the worst, even if you don’t want that to happen.

Why would you need it though? Well, sometimes schools get locked down for one reason or another, and that can be a major problem for people. Local weather emergencies also do happen. If there is a regional emergency, such as the threat of someone coming about, or even a bus accident, or maybe you’re not able to pick them up, you should always make sure that they have enough food, water, and items in order to have enough to live for an extended amount of time until they can get help, or you’re in there.

Lots of kids don’t have that though. Classrooms are lacking in this, and having just a few cups, saltines, a bandaid, or even just a flashlight can be less than enough for the children. You need to make sure that you have 3nough for a lockdown that lasts a day at least, and creating a bug-out bag for the kids, even just tucked away in the lockers and such can be great without breaking the rules that are happening at the school.

You should make sure it minimally has water, some small protein snacks for them, a flashlight or headlamp, a good whistle that they can use in order to make sure that they’re heard, a cell phone that s limited in use, but good enough for a call, a small first aid kit, and emergency blanket, some health items for some children, especially if they have medications they need to take, some hard candies to suck on, some comfort items, including small stuffed toys to have that they can cuddle in a crisis, chapstick, a photo album so that they can bring as a comfort item, but also really good if there is a chance that they need to be ID’d for whatever reason. And finally, wipes. A small package is good to keep the space clean, and it is good to have for children that need something to clean up spills, and they’re also good for disinfecting.

For older kids, having all of this on hand is good, and you can keep all of this in an area that they can get to. Do teach them that this isn’t for playtime, and they aren’t just snacks or toys that are there too. But, these are used for emergency situations.

You never know what you’re going to have to deal with, and with how schools have been known to be places of trouble sometimes, or even just natural disasters, having all of this on hand is good for a child to have, so they’re not getting hungry, and instead, they’re safe and secure as well.

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