Moderna’s Vaccine Trial Shows Participants Developed Antibodies to COVID-19

There were some volunteers who received the COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna that proved positive in results.  These guys partnered with the national institutes of health to create a vaccine.  If this goes well, this could possibly be available to the public as early as January, which is good news, and something that people have been waiting for.  This of course, comes from the phase 1 trial, which shows a small number of people and focuses on whether the vaccine gets an immune response and is of course safe.  They haven’t been peer reviewed por published yet in terms of results though.

Moderna is a company based in Massachusetts and is one of the eight different developers worldwide doing clinical trials for humans with a vaccine placed against the virus.  There are two others that are in the US, and one in Britain, and four in China.  Moderna has vaccinated many study participants and looked at the antibodies in eight of them. All eight had neutralizing antibodies to the virus at levels that are higher in those who have naturally recovered from COVID-19 according to studies.  The antibodies bound to the virus and disabled from the human cells.  This of course shows that these antibodies are able to block the virus, and this is one of the first steps to creating a vaccine.  A vaccine specialist that isn’t involved in Moderna does think this is great, since not only does it show the antibody is working, but it also prevented the virus from infecting the other cells that are there as well.

However, while it does have good results in the lab, it isn’t known if it’ll protect the people from the virus in the real world.  This is to begin the phase 2 trials, which typically involve about a few hundred people, and of course the large scale trials will be in July. These can involve tens of thousands of people.

It was said before the pandemic that vaccine developers would normally test this out on thousands before phase 3, but its extremely unlikely to have that many before July, since only a few dozens have been vaccinated so far.  It makes sense of Moderna to move to phase 3 without vaccinating a ton of people since there are thousands that die every single day.  It’s different, and time of course of the essence.

Dr. Fauci of the national Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease actually side it would take 12-18 months for a vaccine to be on the market, but with an estimate for the vaccine, it does put that right on the delivery date of hi estimation next year.

In the study, three participants did have the symptoms of a fever and flu, and it was when they got the vaccine at around 250 micrograms.  Some will anticipate the phase 3 study will be smaller than that.  So far, the study subjects were vaccinated at a smaller level than the first one, and in most cases, the antibodies were higher than those who naturally got the coronavirus. But it isn’t clear whether the natural infection confers the immunity, so it’s not clear whether this will confer the immunity.  The thing is, we don’t know yet, but there is a chance for a vaccine every single day.

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