How to Keep Yourself Healthy At All Times

Do you wear a face mask? Do people stay at least 6 feet away from you? Do you touch things with your hands? Well, as the lockdown restrictions ease and cities reopen, you might want to change how you go to places.  The risk won’t go away, but until herd immunity happens or we have a vaccine, we should be careful. Since it can be passed by those who are asymptomatic and it’s highly contagious, it’s imperative to stay alert, and here is how.

First, don’t get too comfy. While the causes and deaths are going up and down, plenty of leaders are saying that the growth rates are slowing down in pockets, but there could be a second wave of infection. If we pull back too soon, there might be a second wave that is much worse. Even as nonessential businesses and public places open up again, you have to remember that this hasn’t disappeared. Just because the restrictions are lifting doesn’t mean you won’t get it.  You should think twice about what to do once this ends.

Wearing a face mask is something that you should definitely consider. While it is a voluntary healthy measure in places with large transmission rates and in places where you can’t maintain social distancing, some places are making it mandatory, such as in the stores.  If you’re taking a walk, you should try to keep a face covering on, so you don’t avoid the side eye or the lectures in stores.

Next, don’t make shopping trips a form of entertainment.  Sure it’s boring, but the symptoms of COVID-19 are scary and for people who have it it can take weeks to recover.  You don’t want this, and you should limit our exposure to others.  You should get what you get and not browse the aisles as well.

If you’re still using your hands to press buttons for the walk signs and such, you need to stop.  You should try to use a different body part for this.  you should learn to tap out the PIN codes with your knuckles instead of your fingertips. Learn to open up doors with your shoulders, feet, or even hips.  You can use sleeves and jackets as well to open up things too. Consider using your clothes as well that you can wash so that you don’t have to expose your skin to this either.

Finally, continue to keep your distance, and keep a boundary between you and others when you do go out.  You should keep that six feet boundary whenever possible, and try to go on bikes and such, and keep picking up food to go.  The more distance that you give, the better it’ll be, and it can be a way to keep you away from others and potentially getting infected.

While it can be hard, making sure you set aside reusable bags is a good thing to do.  You can’t really reuse them now but washing anything that comes into your house is a good thing.

While this whole thing has changed the way society is, it definitely is something that you want to keep in mind, and something you should definitely watch out for, for your own health and safety.

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