COVID-19 Prevention Tips and Strategies

The new coronavirus is an infection that can lead to COVID-19.  It’s a respiratory infection, and it can spread and cause life-threatening issues in some people. It does survive in the air and on various surfaces long enough to infect people, and it does multiply faster in the body than other viruses even if you’re now showing symptoms, and you can pass on the virus without symptoms at all.

Some have mild to moderate symptoms, but you can never be too careful, and in this article, we’ll highlight some important preventative tips for you.

First, was your hands carefully and frequently.  Lather the wrists, between your fingers, and under the fingernails. You can use an antibacterial along with an antiviral soap. Also, consider using hand sanitizer too. Make sure to wash your hands a few times each day, especially after touching your phone or laptop.

Try to avoid touching your face as much as you can, since the virus can live on harder surfaces for up to 72 ours, so make sure to not touch your face, and avoid biting the fingernails.

You also shouldn’t be touching anyone right now.  Don’t be the reason someone gets this.  shaking hands and hugging others will spread this.

Don’t share personal items.  Try not to share straws and eating utensils.  Try to use reusable straw, cups, and other dishes, and try to keep it to just one person.

Make sure to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. This is usually how it travels, and it can land and be there for up to three days.  Use a tissue or sneeze into the elbow and then keep your hands as clean as possible. Wash your hands carefully regardless, but do so more now.

Make sure to clean and disinfect the surfaces you use. This can live there for a few days, so make sure that the door handles, countertops, toys, furniture, and even your phone and other devices should be cleaned too. Disinfect areas once you’ve finished bringing in groceries. Use white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solutions for better cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Make sure to also take social distancing seriously. It can be found in your spit, and it can happen even if you don’t have symptoms. Stay home and work remotely whenever you can.  If you must do this, keep a distance of 6 feet from others, and you can transmit this by steaking to a person in close contact with you.

With that, also don’t gather in groups.  This can cause the spread to move faster and further, and you should try to avoid any place where you might sit or stand too close to another person.

Finally, try to avoid eating or drinking in other places.  It isn’t’ time to go out to eat, so you should avoid the eateries.  This can be transmitted through food and silverware, and it might be airborne too.  You can still get delivery or takeout food, and make sure that you can cook this thoroughly and make sure it can be reheated.  You should avoid cold foods as much as possible, and of course, food from salad bars and buffets.

Finally, if you are sick, make sure to stay away from others, and call your doctor if you do have symptoms. Do make sure to wash a mask too.

This is very important to do, and if you want to prevent others from getting sick and flattening the curve, this is a good way to do it.

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