How to Keep Yourself Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s nearly impossible to stay in your home the whole time during this lockdown. You need to run errands and get some fresh air and do healthy activities. But this also does put you at risk of getting it from people, and that can endanger you.

Homemade masks along with social distancing are the two most useful precautions, but there is more that you can do. Remember, this can be passed along by those who are asymptomatic too.

The first thing that you’ll want to do is wear face masks in public.  Since this is rapidly spreading, it is recommended to wear it in places with high transmission rates, and places where you can’t properly socially distance over time.  You should consider getting a mask with breathable fabric, or a surgical mask if you’re going outside.

Next, don’t think trips are a source of entertainment. The point of these shelter in place order is to keep you from spreading it to other people. Yes, it can be incredibly boring, but the thing is, the symptoms can be nasty, and they can last a while. If you don’t want this, limit your exposure to others, and shop quickly and efficiently.  It is very tempting to get out and to browse the aisles to pass time, but there are other ways to entertain yourself that you should consider doing.

Next, stop pressing the buttons for crosswalks with your fingertips.  Use your feet, knees, elbows, and even your knuckles or your wrist instead. Any time you have to open doors, push buttons, or even pull something or even digitally sign items, use another body part.  You can use a knuckle to tap in your PIN at the AMT for example rather than a finger, and you can use your shoulders, butt, or even feet to open up the door rather than your hands. You can use a wrist or elbow to flip a switch, or you can use an article of clothing to help prevent touching it if you must.  It’s easy enough where once you’re done, you can toss it, rather than put yourself at risk.

Continue to distance yourself. Keep six feet away from those outside of the house isn’t just something that you should be doing, you should also keep yourself away from others at the store, when you walk outside, or even getting food to go.  If you need to keep more distance, you should step back and ask for the person to give you some more room.

When going outside, try to consider an automatic option when you’re getting items. Most of the modern buildings will have accessibility buttons in the area in order to help with mobility concerns. But use another body part to open the door up. Consider automatic soap dispensers as well, so you don’t have to worry about transferring germs.

Finally, watch where you put your phone. Our phones are riddled with germs. You can put it down or in a coat pocket or purse. Try to avoid it on surfaces. The less you expose this, the better it can be for you.  Make sure that you do wipe down your phone when you’re done with it, so that you’re not dealing with the risk of carrying germs.

All of these should be used when you’re trying to stop the spread. Stopping it now helps you much more later, so it’s something you should definitely consider if you’re looking for an effective way to prevent this.

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