Dealing With the Early Arrival of Hurricanes

If you host parties at home, you know how to make preparations before the guest arrive. But sometimes, there is one guest who tries to arrive early just to make sure that you are not able to make full preparation for the other guests.

There is a lot of similarity between such parties and hurricane season. You make preparation for entire season but you do not see that one storm coming quite early. This storm or hurricane can catch you at the moment when you are not ready; and it can be pretty disastrous.

Good thing is that National Hurricane Center has updated measures to know about the early arrivers before they hit an area. Knowing the details released by NHC can help you stay prepared for the hurricanes beforehand. In this scenario, it would worth sharing the tips to stay prepared to deal with the hurricanes.

Emergency Kit

Hurricanes can be quick and disastrous. And you might not find it a good idea to stay in the home. In such scenarios, leaving the danger zone seems the best bet. In this situation, you need to be ready to live away without getting into a lot of trouble. That’s where you are going to need an emergency survival kit. The items which need to be always present in your emergency survival kit include blankets, flashlights (including spare batteries) and a fully updated first aid kit. Make sure that you have at least three worth of food ready in the survival kit. You can consider having non-perishable foods in the kit.

Securing the property

First of all, you need to bring the outside furniture and other items like bicycles into the home interior. Cover your windows using storm shutters. If you do not have storm shutters, you can use plywood sheets to fully cover the windows. Trees and shrubs in in your home can be quite helpful here. Make sure that they are properly trimmed. The branches of the trees can be quite helpful in keeping your home’s exterior safe from the impact of strong hurricane winds.

Emergency evacuation plan

Many communities, which are at a risk of being struck by hurricanes, have hurricane evacuation routes. Make sure that you have learnt those routes. You can teach those routes to your children because hurricane is an emergency situation in which every individual has to act right on his/her own.


Effective communication can help you a lot during emergency survival, especially when you are not with your family. Have to make sure that you have a robust communication plan to specifically deal with the emergency situation. Have your kids memorize your phone number and make sure that you have contact details of your relatives living out of the town.

Buying Home In a Flood Zone – Things You Need To Know

As a homebuyer, your goal is to find a dream home. You may be able to find such a home and it may also lie in the price range of your expectations. But there is one problem that looks quite bothersome, i.e. it is situation in a flood zone.

At this time, you need to look at the options that you can avail. You will need to have better understanding about making a decision whether or not this home is right for you. A few tips are worth mentioning in this scenario.

Consider the type of flood zone the home is in

Not every area in a flood zone is at the risk of severe flooding. By doing a little research, it will be easier for you to know that many of the homes and neighborhoods are located in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood zone. It also includes the homes which are at a minimal risk of getting affected by the flood. You don’t need to be alarmed if the home you are looking for is located in a zone X or C.These are the zones with lowest risk.

The zones with highest risk of flooding are labeled as A or V.Do your research and if you have found a home in these areas, it would be better not to consider buying home in such area.

The year the home was built

It is better to refer to the topographic map created by FEMA in order to have better understanding about the level of risk and hazard within a floodplain. Such kinds of maps basically tell about the zoning areas and construction plans. Based on this information, construction companies can avoid building homes in high risk zones.

These maps are usually updated on regular basis. The reason for bringing this update in the map is to spot any change in the zone. For instance, any home built in the low risk area might become unfit to live in if the area is found to have become vulnerable to high risk of flooding.

Low risk is still a risk

While you may not consider the word ‘low risk’ something that raises an alarm, low risk is still a risk to be kept in mind. Many people do not make proper arrangements to deal with the flooding even if they know they their home is located in a low risk zone. It can turn out to be a serious mistake. Make sure that you have prepared your home for the floods.

Earthquake Survival Kit for the People Unable To Move

Earthquake is an emergency situation in which things can get quite serious for the people living in the affected area. Lack of preparedness and lack of action at the time of need can increase fatality rate in an earthquake situation. While normal people can respond to such situations in a pretty efficient manner, real issues are for the people with mobility issues.And it is worth mentioning here that earthquake preparedness requirements for people with mobility issues are pretty different from those for normal people who can act fast.

Earthquake preparedness is different for people with disabilities

Earthquake can hit any area at any time. In these situations, mobility issues as well as other disabilities can make thing even more complicated. Therefore, it is pretty much important to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

For people with disability, it is pretty much important to get to safety and evacuating during an earthquake.

One of the solutions during an emergency situation is to drop on the floor, find a cover and hold the position until the earthquake is over. However, the people who have injuries in their backs are rarely able to get out of the cover once the earthquake is over.

If you have such disability and you know that you cannot do things on your own, there are some guidelines that you will find very helpful.

  • Be in contact with a personal support network (PSN). Make sure that they at walking distance and they have quicker access to your home during the emergency situation.
  • You need to properly assess your situation. Can you move even on a wheelchair? Do you have enough to eat and drink? Is your wheelchair an electric one? If your home wheelchair friendly? Can you reach the exit points in an efficient manner?
  • Your plan needs to involve rendezvous points, contact other people, getting to the escape routes, and taking care of your pets if you have any.
  • Make sure that you have an emergency survival kit ready.

Assembling a survival kit for earthquake

If you ask disaster experts, they will advise you to have at least 7 days’ worth of supplies. The items that should be in your earthquake survival kit mainly include the following:

  • Nonperishable foods
  • Enough water: the general rule of keeping water in emergency survival kit is that there should be one gallon for one person per day.
  • A first aid kit which needs to include essential as well as prescription medications
  • A sleeping bag
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Good quality knife and a knife opener
  • Copies of your personal documents which are important
  • Enough cash to spend during the days in which you have to ensure your survival
  • Warm clothes
  • Map of the area
  • Hygiene items including toiletries
  • Water purification kit
  • Face mask

What to do during an earthquake

During an earthquake, you need find a safe spot in your home and get their as soon as you can. Lock the wheels of wheelchair and cover your head with your arms. Wait for the shaking to stop. If you cannot find a safe spot, just try to get as much cushioning as you can to ensure safety of your neck and head. Pillows and blankets can be quite helpful in this regard.

How to Find the True Audience

For digital markers, finding the right customer demographics and the right audience might be how we determine our audience, but do you really know your web audience? Are you targeting them with marketing/ or are you just assuming since you’ve got business coming in, that’s the correct audience. The right understanding of the customer base is not only good for the current audience since it’ll help you improve messages, ad focus, but also your landing page and how it feels. For many people, they honestly don’t’ know what the target audience is, and oftentimes, it may not actually be what you thought it was.  Oftentimes, persona identification and creation in marketing are a little different, but oftentimes, it might be a good way to figure out the ideal customer.

The ideal customer is a good focus, but it shouldn’t only be that focus. What you need to do, is understand and get an idea of the demographics of customers that are there, and you should look at both the channels of traffic, along with the advertising performance of each segment. The perfect answer would be not just one age group, and one demographic, but multiple age groups and demographics.

You should understand not just the prime customers you want to market to, but also the audience in general that looks at your stuff. You might spend lots of advertising dollars to the ideal customer, but the wrong audience since they may not use social media as much, and you’re not providing the correct experience to your audience.  Your audience doesn’t have to be a specific persona, but you’re making it the way that it should be.  You need to know not just the web audience, but also the analytics and social media advertising areas to figure out how you can figure out the perfect audience intelligence.

The google analytics down drill will help you figure out the age, gender, and other conversions to help you figure out the bounce rate, the time in the session, and the pages within each visit. This will help you figure out the right audience, and the right statistics for that audience no matter who you are and what you’ve got to offer.

Advertising channels are a good way to look at this too. This is a pay-per-click advertising, and you can look as well at the age groups, the genders, your household income, along with the CTR, the CPC,m and the cost-conversion. You should look at the insights, and check these on the regular in order to help you figure out the correct demographic. This is all usually done by analytics, but you need to not only look at buyers, but who are interacting with this.

The right audience will change the way you handle this type of work, and the right kind of mindset you want to adopt with this, and here, we told you why it matters, but also how you can change this for you as well.

What you should know about wildfire smoke inhalation

The wildfires in California are almost contained, and the rain has helped a lot, but even when the devastating fires are gone, many times people wonder how they can improve and protect themselves from this, along with their pets too, and also property damage and injuries. Smoke inhalation is actually more dangerous than the fire itself, and this is actually one of the more common injury causes. While the blazes are scary, the bigger issue is the toxic smoke as well. So why is it so deadly? Well, the debris that is given off when the wood is burned is actually incredibly toxic and dangerous, and there are more issues with respiratory problems in the future if you inhale this. The debris from this itself causes allergic reactions, and in worse cases carbon monoxide poisoning, and ti’s a very irritating thing for your eyes too.

So how can you protect yourself from this? The first thing is to actually be certified in first aid, and this is a good because it can help you learn CPR, which of course saves lives. But, you don’t need to know CPR to spot someone with the symptoms of smoke inhalation. If you notice someone is struggling with breathing, coughing a lot, are dizzy, or feel lightheaded, this a symptom of this. Get them to safety first and foremost, and from there, if the symptoms aren’t immediately going away, get them away from this as soon as you can.

What about your pets? Well, they’re just like us, it can be a lot be worse though since they can’t communicate as we do.  You should make sure that you get out of the way, and bring your pet with you. Make sure they’re in a pet carrier if you can.

If you do need to put them into a carrier at a moment’s notice, make sure that they’re used to it.

Get them accommodated, since they might be in this for a while.

If they can’t be transported in a pet carrier for whatever reason, keep them with someone that can get them out of danger as needed. It’s good for them to stay safe, and you can, with the right person, make sure that you keep them out of this.

Remember, that the smoke inhalation is worse than anything, and it causes more damage to people than anything else in a wildfire, but it definitely will help you improve your ability to get out of fires in a safe manner. Smoke inhalation is no joke, and there is a lot that can happen if you’re not careful, which is why, if you’re worried about being in danger during a wildfire, you should have the people on hand, and the means on hand to get out of this as much as you can, so that you’re safe and sound, and you’ve kept in a way that keeps you out of danger from these deadly fires, no matter where they happen.

National Preparedness Tips to Keep Everyone Safe

September is National Preparedness Month, and it’s there for a reason. That’s because the risk for all natural disaster is on the rise during this time, due to the hot temperatures clashing with the cooler ones, and earthquakes, of course, are always lurking about.

This is also when kids go back to school, so planning is a major part. Of course, being prepared doesn’t just happen, but rather you need to communicate, and here are some communication tips to help with emergency preparedness.

First, you want to have two meeting spots for when disaster strikes. That can be near the home and one that’s a further distance away. That’s because natural disasters don’t’ always happen when you’re home and they happen more in the middle of the day than when it’s nighttime. If you’re at home, you can from there meet up with the loved ones within the basement, yard, or attic, but if you’re at a different location, you can get together and from there, meet up at a spot that’ predetermined beforehand.

You should also consider some of the ages of the people within the home, along with the responsibilities of such. You should figure ou the locations where others will be, their dietary needs, and medical needs that are there. Those with disabilities or access to needs functionally such as devices and equipment should also be considered as well.

You should always take the time to figure out how to help those who are older escape disaster and be safe.  You should also, make sure that an emergency supply kit is in place. Those that have food, water, and other comfort sources are needed especially if you’ve got to evacuate or hit a shelter. You ould have minimally two weeks of supplies put away, but you should take your time and ensure it’s all in place before it happens.

Ideally, if you can’t do two weeks, three days is what you should have on hand. That should be enough for someone to come find you, and three days should be good for those with bigger homes and families. But of course, if you feel like you can prepare more, then that’s great. Consider all of these options when preparing.

Of course though, understand that this is easier said than done, and it can be hard to prepare everything that needs to be put in place. Instead, take your time and make sure that you have the right idea of what it is that you need to have in place, and from there, create a better and more rewarding experience for yourself and for others. There is a lot that you can do here, and a lot that you can definitely get into your own mindset of making sure that you handle, and from there, you can also make sure that you have everything nicely in place, and ensure that, with all of this in mind, you take care of yourself as well.

How to budget for Emergencies

Similar to always wearing clean underwear if you need to go to the ER, chances are saving money for future emergencies is something you’ve heard a lot about. Oftentimes, it’s simple: you bail yourself out of major disasters in the future by saving money. But, the big problem is coming up with the extra money so you can tuck it away.

It is actually a big problem, and oftentimes, people are usually screwed if there is a medical incident, a layoff, or even a problem. Even though it’s been a decade since the original recession, it’s still a time where there is a lot of economic insecurity. Many are still trying to rebuild to where they were before, but you should have an emergency fund regardless, of at least a grand for car repairs, leaky roofs, emergency visits, or whatever. Oftentimes, it is easier than you think.  You should have this because you never know what’s going to happen, and you should motivate yourself to put together a small emergency fund, at least for the time being.

They are basically the buffer against the world where things break and money talks.  Starting this, and maintaining your emergency fund provides not only the resources that you need, but it will give you a peace of mind. There are a lot of things that can happen, and an emergency fund will secure your own livelihood and make it easier to help with funding this.

Emergency funds are something that you should discuss with others, and even though, some may struggle since they’re already stretched to a limit in their budget, but if you sit down and think about it, there are many different ways you can provide the money that you need to set it all aside for when you need it.

How can you do it? Well, consider eating out less. You actually can save a tone of money. Even just skipping a restaurant diner a week adds up. Carpooling and mass transit can also ave you a lot of money. It can save you hundreds of dollars.

Lower the utilities as well. Add a few degrees in the summer, and lower it a bit in the winter will lower this.

You can also check your insurance, and look for the right ones, and understand that the rates do vary between companies.

Use a shopping list when you go to the grocery store. This will help you see how much food you need, and you shouldn’t go to the store hungry, or full either.  Essentially, create a list, and only follow that list.

You can even request a lower interest rate from credit cards. Most don’t know this, but you can talk to the customer service rep and find out whether or not it’s possible.

These are just a few things and remember that coupons still rule. You can save money and create an emergency fund, and remember not to touch it unless of course, the’s an emergency.