How to Survive when you’re lost or stranded

The truth is nobody plans to be lost or stranded, but if you slip into canyons, fall, or whatever, you may have to.  How do you survive? Well, you may not realize it, but there are a few ways for you to survive even in these situations.  You should always take precautions, and you should make sure that you that you’re prepared no matter where you go, and here, we’ll talk about tips to get started in the worst of situations.

First, plan for your situation. Every single one of these is unpredictable, whether it be weather patterns or whatever.  If you do hike in the summer, account for water and lighter clothing. In the winter, pack heavier too.  You should make sure that you let people know where you’re going, and when you’re returning.

Next, know where you are. Understand the waterways and landmarks, and make sure that you know where to go, and keep a compass on hand.

Third of all, don’t panic.  This may be hard, but the thing is, if you do panic, you’re spending needless energy, and that’s not going to help. You should sit down, think about where you are, observe the area, and prepare by gathering materials

You can call for help, and if possible, you may get it. A whistle is one of the best ways to get attention, but signaling with mirrors may work too

You should also be prepared, and make sure that you have the survival tools for those dire situations. Water filtration straws, for example, can help you drink from streams and rivers, and a fire striker will help you start a fire.  You should always have a knife on your period no matter what.

Finally, if you’re worried about potentially being stranded anywhere, always pack yourself a small survival kit.  It should contain a knife since you can use it to dig, split, defend yourself, prepare food, work to create a shelter, even make a fire and hunt animals.  It can be used to signal others too, and if they’re a survival knife, chances are they come with even more functions too.  You should always be prepared, but if you’re going to be stuck in any survival situation, always make sure you have one of these bad boys on you so that you’re adequately prepared.

The right tools to prepare yourself for the worst are so important, but with the right technique and the right ideas, you’ll be much happier with the way you are taking on the situation. Survival is scary, and it can be hard, but with the right ideas, and the right preparedness, you can prevent the worst from happening, no matter where it may be, and also help you to get yourself ready in the event that something terrible does happen, and you need to take some time to ensure that you have the right survival skills to save your life and get to safety.

Why you need emergency Supplies at home

Storing supplies at home is definitely very important. If you do have a disaster in the area you’re at, you may find yourself without the luxuries that you have every single day. If you don’t’ have electricity, ut can cause you to be in the dark, and water treatment plants may suffer too. Your home may have structural damage that you can’t occupy, so you may need to take shelter outdoors during extreme conditions. You also may have to seek out medical treatment in some cases too, and it may be harder than you think. Here are some of the different emergency preparedness supplies that you should have.

First and foremost is emergency food. Lots of stores will be closed for weeks, and roads may be unsafe.  You should have minimally 72 hours worth of food for every sing person, and you should try to ideally create a weeks’ worth. May might try to make their home survival kits with ER bars, which are essentially survival foods that are good and they don’t’ provoke thirst, and provide nutrients. they’re basically made for disaster victims, and since they are vacuum sealed and packaged, they will stay fresh for up to 5 years.

Next, you have emergency water.  This is important since most of the water won’t be available after an emergency happens. Bottled water only has a 1-2 year shelf life, and you should make sure that you minimally have a gallon of water for a person every single day.  Some say the 3-day supply ones are good, but you can get a survival kit that contains a 3-day supply of merem=ncy water. Some may even have a stray that filters the water, and you should get one of those water barrels and accessories to keep it fresh.

Next, you have lights. Lights are important because they will help with getting you around. A solar and hand-crank radio with a lantern light never needs batteries, and there are also lightsticks that you can get too.  These are good, and you can even buy waterproof matches that last a long time as well.

Finally, you’ve got a first aid kit and some rescue supplies. Accidents happen, and you should get yourself a comprehensive kit that contains antiseptics, bandages, gauze, and other rolls, and some even have a CPR mask for those moments.

When it comes to supplies for shelter and rescue, you should also have these too, including space blankets, a tube tent, or even a rain poncho, and a canopy shelter too.  Rescue tape and even work supplies are good to have on hand for if you need to do a search and rescue.

With the right supplies, you’ll be safe and sound, and here, we discussed some of the emergency supplies that you can get in order to keep yourself protected and safe from the elements, which is something that will ultimately help, and something that will definitely keep you safe as well.

Survival Tips Learned from Watching The Walking Dead

For those who are fans of the walking dead, chances are you’ve probably seen some of the survival actions that they took. Even during the cruel murder of Glenn and Abraham the newcomer by the psychotic Neagen, you probably have seen that they have amazing survival skills regardless.  Are they legitimate though? Can they be applied to the real world? The answer is yes, but hopefully, we aren’t facing any apocalypses anytime soon.

It might seem like forever ago that the Governor appeared on the season, but it taught you a valuable lesson to not trust anyone you don’t know well when you’re in situations that you’re unfamiliar with, because life is full of unexpected turns and twists, and this applies to just about anyone.

You should also take from this that if you take refuge anywhere, expect it to be a temporary solution, not permanent, and this is something that you probably see a lot in survival horror shows. When they escaped the prison, chaos ensued, and it definitely is something to consider in the event that a natural disaster struck the neighborhood. Would you be ready for it, or would you be subjected to the dangers of this? it’s a lot harder than you’d think!

All of the gadgets and guns that you see in this can actually be used, but they don’t replace knowing basic skills including building fires, tracking animals, building traps and snares, and also rationing.  Rationing is probably one of the biggest ones, especially since food can get scarce, and you should make sure that you have enough water as well.  You should also know of a means to filter the water, since it will prevent any unforeseen circumstances too, especially in stressful situations such as that.

And while you may not have a chance to run to a gun shop to get ammo, you should also learn how to hunt. This is a skill you see in the show that you can learn.  This can be lifesaving when you’re stranged, and you’ll be able to hunt animals, defend yourself and your land, and also prevent any issues from happening in the event of a disaster, which is always a great thing.  Unsavory people do exist, and you should make sure that you have all of this in place.  You should always plan ahead because this can be a great way to prevent a lot of trouble in the future.

While yes, it is a TV show, and TV shows do overdramatize some aspects of life, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be somewhat realistic. Natural disasters do happen, and there is a lot that you should prepare for. With the right planning and preparedness, you’ll be able to prevent the worst from happening, and in turn get a feel for how you can easily do this. With the right technique, and the right actions, you can stop the worst from going down, and it’ll be better for everyone.

How to Make an Emergency survival kit for school kids

One of the biggest concerns families have is making sure that kids are ready to act in the event of an emergency. With a lot happening during the school day, you should always make sure that children are aptly prepared for the worst, even if you don’t want that to happen.

Why would you need it though? Well, sometimes schools get locked down for one reason or another, and that can be a major problem for people. Local weather emergencies also do happen. If there is a regional emergency, such as the threat of someone coming about, or even a bus accident, or maybe you’re not able to pick them up, you should always make sure that they have enough food, water, and items in order to have enough to live for an extended amount of time until they can get help, or you’re in there.

Lots of kids don’t have that though. Classrooms are lacking in this, and having just a few cups, saltines, a bandaid, or even just a flashlight can be less than enough for the children. You need to make sure that you have 3nough for a lockdown that lasts a day at least, and creating a bug-out bag for the kids, even just tucked away in the lockers and such can be great without breaking the rules that are happening at the school.

You should make sure it minimally has water, some small protein snacks for them, a flashlight or headlamp, a good whistle that they can use in order to make sure that they’re heard, a cell phone that s limited in use, but good enough for a call, a small first aid kit, and emergency blanket, some health items for some children, especially if they have medications they need to take, some hard candies to suck on, some comfort items, including small stuffed toys to have that they can cuddle in a crisis, chapstick, a photo album so that they can bring as a comfort item, but also really good if there is a chance that they need to be ID’d for whatever reason. And finally, wipes. A small package is good to keep the space clean, and it is good to have for children that need something to clean up spills, and they’re also good for disinfecting.

For older kids, having all of this on hand is good, and you can keep all of this in an area that they can get to. Do teach them that this isn’t for playtime, and they aren’t just snacks or toys that are there too. But, these are used for emergency situations.

You never know what you’re going to have to deal with, and with how schools have been known to be places of trouble sometimes, or even just natural disasters, having all of this on hand is good for a child to have, so they’re not getting hungry, and instead, they’re safe and secure as well.