Clever Ways to Upcycle Cheap Moving Boxes

The thing about cheap moving boxes is that they are good for moving.  And that’s about it.  Because once they have gone through the move they are too, well, cheap, to do much else with.  Unless, of course, you want to flatten them and use them the next time you move to wrap around your furniture to make sure that it doesn’t get scratched up and destroyed.

Like most people that have just moved, though, you aren’t planning on the next time you are going to move.  You are probably hoping that there won’t even be a next time.  So that still leaves the current stack of boxes that you just used and don’t want to throw in the trash because it’s a terrible waste.  They may have been cheap moving boxes, but they don’t really deserve to be thrown in the trash.  After all, you did spend some money on them, even if it wasn’t too terribly much, all things considered.

There are still plenty of options.  Boxes wrapped with rope and lined with a nice, thick fabric become really nice-looking storage baskets.  Storage baskets just aren’t cheap!  So if you find yourself with one of those sectioned shelves that look best with matching boxes in the cubbies, this a really good (and cheap) solution.  One of the things I couldn’t wait to turn my old, cheap moving boxes into were drawer dividers.  I got so excited about them that I put them in just about every drawer in the house.  Instead of leaving the cardboard the plain, originally brown I covered it in duct tape that had different colors or designs.  From the desk to the kids’ room, everyone got at least one drawer newly furnished with an upcycled, cardboard drawer divider.

What about the coolest cat tower that you have ever seen in your lives?  Cheap moving boxes might be worn out and cheap and flimsy and folded and creased to high-heaven, but cats are not that heavy, and nimble to boot.  I made a cat tower/maze that would put any of those store bought ones to shame.  I taped multiple boxes for the bottom layer, cutting holes in each one so our cat could get through into the next one.  I made different stacks, with boxes in between as a bridge.  Then I covered it all in a nice wrapping paper, so that I didn’t have a jankety-looking contraption hanging out in my living room.